Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 8- Tunnel of Trees, Michigan

 This was a very interesting drive.
It reminded me of driving through the 
Red Wood Forrest in California,
just not the massive size
but the same type of cover.
 Glad we found this during the week in an off season.
I imagine on a weekend it's very popular 
and especially when the trees change their colors.
 Most of the way was a narrow 2 lane curvy road.
That adds a bit of unpleasure for me.

 This road did take us back along the coast of Lake Michigan.
 Add an occasional large RV that needed more than half the road.
 Still, a beautiful adventure.

 You just had to know there was a lot of socializing going on in this neighborhood.
 Thought this large covered outdoor living area in the trees was very interesting.

 Then the road got a bit more narrow.

More bike riders now shared this narrow, curvy road.
Even though most hugged the side line,
it was hard to pass because there was always a curve,
a line of bikes and you couldn't see ahead to see how many more bikes,
and what if we met one of those RVs.
At this point you had to take a shoulder if you met just a car.
 We just took it slow and easy and tried to enjoy the view.

A few miles ahead,
we came upon several curves on a steep incline
where we met a group of bikes,
and suddenly 2 motorbikes came around the curve between the bikes and our car.
Our hearts jumped into our thought.  
One of the motorbikes clip a lady biker's arm
and we heard one of her friends asked if she was ok.
Thank goodness people didn't go tumbling right in front of us.

Tunnel of Trees

Aggregate Map- Second Part

Aggregated Map- First Part

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  1. Those are the types of roads that I love - although I agree that they can be dangerous. We took a trip up north last week and of course took the back roads (searching for barns!) and ended up on a road that was getting progressively narrower and narrower. Imagine our surprise when it ended up in a barnyard. Oops.


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