Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 6, Part 5-Huron Township to Grind Stone

 Traveling down the highway,
for a moment it was as if we went back in time
in the little community of Huron City.

 A town on the tip of the thumb called Grindstone.

 What do you expect to find in a town called "Grindstone City?"

 We know most likely where they have been.

 Decided to check out this road that said it went to lake access.

Nothing much to check out here,
but it was a beautiful road
and led to the actual tip of the Michigan thumb.
Day 6, Part 5

Aggregated Map

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  1. We love traveling down the little roads too because you never know what treasures you might see. Lovely to see your photos of the beautiful homes (and of course you know I like the barns!).


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