Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 4, Part 3- Saute Ste. Marie, Ontario to Cutler, Ontario

 After going through the U.S./Canada check point,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (pronounced sue saint marie)

 The highway began as a very rough ride and continued so.

 Like Michigan, we began to see lots of lakes.
 While the road looks very smooth here,
A very uncomfortable ride.
This was Mr. G's first impression of Canada.
Thank goodness I had seen nicer parts of Canada before.
 We followed the speed limit exactly,
using our speedometer as they all are marked in kilometers.
Sometimes we wondered though,
if we were reading it right, because it always seemed we were backing up traffic.
70 km/h is actually under 45 mph.
This was open rural highway,
but the blacktop was very rough.

A peek at Lake Huron

 Places reminded us so much of Kentucky.

 Fish Fry Sign
 We got to travel about 20 minutes on a new four lane highway,
where the speed was still marked 70 km/h?
Everyone was passing us like we were standing still,
but at least it was a smoother ride.

 More Kentucky reminders.
 The highway was full of campgrounds and signs leading to lake campgrounds and resorts.

 Also, it seemed there were what seemed like a lot of retro places still in business.
 Finally, after traveling over 2 hours in Canada
and partly on a 4 lane interstate type highway,
we got to go 90 km/h ! Hey that's 55 mph !
I have no clue how the reflection of the bear got into the picture?
Possible it was on the other side of the highway?

A new part of the road and we were doing at the speed limit
and backing up lots of traffic.

 We didn't hang around long enough to see a bear.
We were trying to move along at speed limit so as not to back up traffic any more than need
nor over so as to get a speeding ticket.
However, you would have thought we were driving 10 or 20 under speed limit
as one lady passed us on this busy highway and gave us the most angry look.
Another beeped his horn?
Don't know if it was our speed or our Kentucky license plate
that was causing the reaction, but we tend to think it was our driving?

 Day 4, Part 3

Aggregated Map

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  1. Unfortunately it seems here in Canada that the speed limit is only a suggestion and very few people adhere to it. Of course the police take a dim view of speeders but for the most part it's okay to go about ten over and they won't pull you over. Having said that, we can be driving 10 over and people still pass us - some people just HAVE to be first, no matter what. There's talk of them raising the speed limit but I suspect that no matter what the law says everybody will exceed it no matter how high it goes. I'm not surprised either at the state of our roads - it's like that all over. Roads are being let go and drivers are paying the price. Just another means of cutting back.


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