Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #154 ~ Was My Mother More Colorful?

 During recent years as I've made doll clothes and a few baby & children's clothing
along with a child's quilt or two,
I've noticed I didn't have pink threads on hand.
When my girls were growing up, pink wasn't the thing.
I loved making clothes of red for them.
The other day, I got out Mother's old sewing basket.
 I realized she had far more colors, bright colors, than I usually had on hand.

Do you think your Mother was more colorful than you?
"THINK about it."


  1. If it wasn't green my mother didn't like it - she made no bones about the fact that green was her favourite. I must admit my stash doesn't have much in the way of baby pink because it's one I don't like. Funny how we have such definite ideas about colour.

  2. I cannot say that she has more colors. We have pretty much the same tastes. Your mother case has a lot of joyous colors. :-)


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