Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gathered Lamp Shade Cover

     Mr. G needed a light on his end of the couch behind which also happened to be the location of my new second desk work area since I became limited to climbing steps.  So he brought in a floor lamp he'd had for a while which needed rewiring to work and a lamp shade.  I think he paid a couple of bucks.
      So we got a new bulb socket kit for about 5 bucks which I replaced (thank you 4-H electricity project umpteen years ago).  I retrieved a lamp shade that had been GIVEN to us on the World's Longest Yard Sale Highway 127 down near Chattanooga because we bought something.  So we now have a working light.

Tuesday Tutorial

Here is the free clip on shade we got at a Yard sale.
See if you can find it in the 2012 post of the World's Longest Yard Sale.
 I wasn't crazy about the blue and pictures.
 From my stash I retrieve a piece of fabric that was just the right length & width.
Just meant to be.
 My faithful, go-to cord is getting close to its end.
 With the help of the cording foot to making this process super easy,
I zig-zagged over the cord.
This technique is my favorite way to gather thick fabric like this piece.
 A piece was left on each end to help gather to the midway point.
 Stitched down the side. Yes right over the cord.
 Gathered a bit and tied in a bow just in case adjustment would be needed later.
 The shade was tried on wrong side out and it fit the first time !
So then it was turned right side out and put back on.
 The top and bottom edges were left unfinished.
It matched the theme of the lamp hanging over the kitchen table,
which was supposed to be temporary but is still hanging because I really liked the look.

 Now we have a new floor lamp
that gives off a warm glow and great for reading and working at my desk.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

All Occassion Quilt Card

     As I'm getting strength back, I'm doing a bit of work at the sewing machine that Mr. G helped me set up in the living room.
     Today I made some all occasion cards, because I had depleted my stockpile.

Tuesday Tutorial

 1 inch squares

Pulled these 9 different calicos from my scrap pile.
I've learned folks across the pond call calico what I call muslin.
Way back in the day before rotary cutters & cutting mats, when I learned how to hand quilt,
I was told a small print, usually flowers, that had at least 3 major colors
was called a calico, just like the 3 colored cat.
So by definition, one of the prints above is not a calico.
Some of these fabrics came from those early days of quilting,
so the young folks now call them vintage?
 An ever so slightly touch of glue to help hold these tiny pieces in place while I sew.
 A 3.6 wide zig zag was used on these 1 inch squares.

The inside of the card is left blank,
so the sender can write according to the occasion.
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