Friday, July 1, 2022

Fun Friday ~ Matching Wedding Gift Card

    After checking out the brides wedding registry to find out her favorite colors for the new home, gather up scraps of fabrics of those colors.  Use them to make as many scrappy hot pads/pot holders that can be made, because a new couple always needs them.  Then take the more tiny scraps left from that project and make the card to go with the gift.

No pattern used for the bells.
They were free cut by hand.

Reusable cloth bags are usually made for the gifts to be eco friendly.

Front and back of one of the pot holders included in the gift.
 FYI: I consider a pot holder is one that does have a loop to be able to hang close to the stove or oven for quick reach when needed. A hot pad is used to set hot pots and dishes on to prevent burning surfaces.  As you can see, I add the loops so the pot holder can also lay flat and be used as a hot pad as well.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wordless Wed 327~ House Overtaken



Now the "Not Wordless" part.

Since April, I, along with a lot of help from Mr. G's family,
have slowly been cleaning his place
which was where I lived when I first met him.
Then I bought a larger home for my hobby,
and he moved there.
I never finished moving my things.
Now I'm finishing that,
plus bringing some of his things and pieces of furniture here.
It's been a VERY hard process.
Took me 6 months just to pull up emotional and physical strength to go there.
Thanks to God, my physical strength is building back.
I'm putting away things one piece at a time.
I know this will take time.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Quilt Shots 148~ Elkhorn Creek 2022 Quilt Show: Part 4


The 2022 theme was 
and Part 3
now that the show is over,
and for the purpose of having a record,
I'm showing the talents
in multiple posts.
These are what I would classify as
which include pieces made by our sister city
Japanese quilters
The table quilt that greeted visitors
to our free quilt show.
A signature quilt. 
Each block was made by a member,
and signed with a special note
for our co-founder and leader of the guild 
for about 35 years!
Thank-you so much Earlene.
Thankfully, she still leads our QOV group.
That means for several years
she took on the responsibility of leading both groups!

The following pieces were sent to us
by quilters in our sister city Tahara in Japan.

Thank you for checking out the quilt show.
I hope you can come see the show in person next year.
It is free
and much more meaningful to see in person.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
but seeing quilts in person becomes
more like a
million words.

After, who knows if pictures will be taken next year?

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday Tutorial~ Upcycled Dog Food Bag


      My neighbors have a dog, so they save me their dog food bags, rather clean I might add, so I can play with them. I'm trying to design a bag easy to make and use.
    Since this one is plastic, my neighbor said it would be good for carrying wet doggie toys.  I'm sure there are other uses.
    There is a bag with a dog on the  front waiting to be made. Probably would bring more smiles and chunks of meat?    

Tuesday Pictorial Tutorial

Fabric strip about 2½ wide 
as long as needed to go across bag top

Fabric strip about 2½ wide 
as long as needed for handle





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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Quilt Shots 147~ Elkhorn Creek 2022 Quilt Show: Part 3

The 2022 theme was 
now that the show is over,
and for the purpose of having a record,
I'm showing the talents
in multiple posts.
Take a very close look at the quilting on this one.
It is a free motion work, not computerized.
Also, the pattern was screen captured from computer
and projected on wall.
A technique that more are beginning to use.

By a club member that moved back to Japan.

Part 4 is the conclusion of the show.
It will include a very special Guild quilt
and pieces of work sent to us 
by members of our sister city in Japan.
Even the quilt on the Quilt Show Host table.