Monday, January 4, 2016

Burp Cloth Becomes a Bib- Sewing Snaps

This idea literally came to me, when a friend brought me this purchased burp cloth/bib and asked me to make some more like it.

I'm always up for something that has multiple uses.  This allows burp clothes to live on a little longer as a bib as the baby grows older.

In this post, directions are also given on how I sew on snaps.

So download the pattern, and start making a pile of these.
Fine Craft Guild
I have realized web translators can't translate words in a picture, so I've restated the words under the picture for non English speaking folks that visit this page.

Cut out the pattern and hole punch the markings for the snap.
 Cut 1 fashion fabric and 1 lining.  
That means a half yard of fashion fabric can make 4 of these!
Be sure at least the fabric or the lining is very absorbent.
Yes, I have several cards of snaps from my early days of sewing.
I guess folks now call them vintage.
As you've seen in tutorials by other bloggers,
 place the fabrics (lining and fashion fabric) RIGHT SIDES together,
SEW 1/4 INCH around the edge, LEAVING AN OPENING to turn right side out.

 and TOP stitch about 1/4 inch from edge which will close the opening. 
AFTER you have turned the burp cloth right side out and top stitched,

FLIP OVER & Mark the spot as shown on the lining side.
It doesn't matter which part of the snap goes on which side.
It is your preference.

MAKE 3 STITCHES to lock.
 DO NOT stitch through fashion fabric side.  Keep your stitches between layers.

Loop thread.
Pull thread through loop.
From another angle make loop.
Take needle through loop.
For me, one angle makes a prettier stitch than another.
Pull thread through loop.
After 3 stitches in each hole of the snap,
run thread between fabrics
exiting needle away from snap & cut. 
The stitch used on the snap is a lock stitch,
 so it's safe to just snip the end of the thread.
No stitching shows on fashion fabric side.
Sew other side of snap on fashion fabric where marked.
So when these burp clothes that lay over Mommy's shoulder are no longer needed there,
They aren't ready to be folded and put away.
Just snap them around that cute little pudgy neck.
Note: If you wanted to deal with strings during the burp bad era, ties would be more adjustable later.
Hope you enJOY making some for your little one
or the next baby shower.

Download burp cloth/bib pattern here. 

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  1. thank you! I have snaps, no idea how to use them. well, now I do :) appreciate the step by step!

  2. How clever!!! Thanks for at Submarine Sunday!!

  3. I have several cards of snaps, Joy. We call them press studs. Clever idea!

  4. This is a very good tutorial. Sewing snaps on things can be sometimes be a messy propostion and your method looks like a neat alternative!


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