Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #162 ~ The Beginning of a New Career

 This was for my grand daughter that just became a teacher,
and just happened to have a birthday at the same time.
Floods back lots of memories of my first year of teaching.
So I'm constantly thinking about here
and wonder how it's going.
I've also been thinking and thankful
that Mr. G helped me set up another desk downstairs
with a sewing machine and a few of my supplies.
Just enough stuff to help me do a few projects and cards.

Lots of thinking goes on when you're involved with recovery.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Clay's 2019 Birthday Card

Last year I made my Grand son a birthday card using pieces of fabrics from my Dad, his Great Grand Father's shirts.  This year the tradition continued with my Mother's garments, but still a memorial thought of my Dad and his garden.

   He enjoyed spiking up his garden with beautiful sunflowers for the seeds.  He also started a fruit tree orchard just in time to reap their harvest a few times.  Something to keep my Mother busy canning and freezing.

Tuesday Tutorial
 This past spring before my surgeries, 
I had chosen some of Mother's clothes to make the next memory quilts.
I cut pieces from them I knew wouldn't be used for the quilts.
For example, the collars and pocket areas.
 It doesn't take much to make a card.

 Template for work area is from paper.
 My work is done free hand.
No pattern was used here.

A tap of stick glue was used under pedals instead of pens to hold in place while sewing.
Glue is used where the needle will not go.
To stitch the circle, stitch length was shortened to 1.5.

 Followed line of stitching.
Moved needle slightly to left to stitch to card front.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #161 ~ Surgical Summer

It's been a summer recovering from surgery.
The hip surgery itself was easy.
The leg muscles reacting and recovering stamina is another story.
Above has been my peaceful scenery this summer.
Mr. G has taken great care of me, and made sure I had flowers to appreciate.
God has done a wonderful job frequently watering to help out Mr. G.
Now, I'm getting ready to replace the other hip.
I'm so looking forward to getting back to sewing and running around
and blogging.
I have been spending recovery time brainstorming and checking out new sewing/quilting ideas.
I do still have plenty of my ideas to share from back in the 60s & 70s.
Thanks to the few of you that still drop in to see what's going on.

Always thinking about blogging.