Monday, October 31, 2011

Satin Pillow from ....

.....left over fabric about 15 years ago used to make the "dummy" wedding dress for fitting purposes for my daughter.  Fabric for some reason was like a $1 a yard.  I guess no one needed the color.
   Here is the picture story of how I made the pillow on a Sunday afternoon with a walk in the park in between 2 short sessions at the cutting table and sewing machine.
   First, I lost the first step which was to cut a rectangle about 3 sizes the length of the pillow. Then:

 Walk in the park

 Cut a lining if the print of the pillow is going to show through a single layer.
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Sunday Walk in the Park- OCT, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Punkin Time

Last spring I found an old orange blanket @ Salvation Army.  It was beginning to come apart but I like the orange, fuzzy fabric.  I'm bad about seeing things as fabric that I can make something.  So I took a chance of it not falling apart after I laundered it.  A section from the center did come off on one side.  Still, I've had this idea in my head all month because it was orange!

 This summer my neighbor found out I liked to sew and gave me a box of upholstery samples she didn't want anymore.
 I pulled this one for the texture.
 Cut an Orange rectangle about 10 X 14 and a 3x5 brown rectangle.
 Folded orange rectangle length wise and serged.  I forgot and left it in stretch stitch mode but that was ok for this project.
 Gathered one end by pulling up bobbin thread and combining with top thread and pulled a length long enough to go around the full edge and then some extra.  Zigzaged over these threads which became the gathering thread. 
 After the gathering thread, pulled one end tight, used it to wrap and secure the end.  Then turned right side out.  Did the same to the other end.
 I stuffed mine with plastic shopping bags.
 Used 6 strand embroidery thread to wrap tightly around top to bottom 3 times.  Remember nature isn't perfect here either.
 Roledl the brown rectangle on a slight angle.  I just happened to have a piece of green fabric from quilting and stitched on a leaf.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dorothy's Apron

Upon my arrival home today, neighbor across street said she was going to ask me yesterday if I could make either a costume for Dorothy of "Wizard of Oz," or Red Riding hood for a costume function at church tonight.  Her daughter really wanted to be Dorothy and take their tiny dog in a basket which I also had available.  I actually had some blue gingham, just the color we needed for Dorothy's jumper. 
I had less than 90 minutes to search online for inspiration.  I decided to start making the very first thing I ever apron, 5th grade 4H.  Hem the bottom, make a casing at the top, a long tie to thread through the casing.  Then I added a 10 x 10 bodice, stitched to the casing then added straps which were tied behind the neck.  Tada...put Todo in the basket.  Took me 80 minutes.

It's not a duplicate.  Dorothy had a dress and this is a pinafore.  The dress also had the buttons on the waistband.  However, when she walks in with those pig tales & a cute little dog in her "lunch" basket, I think they will know the character.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Zebra vs. Leopard Doll Dress?

Before I moved my sewing room to my new home this past summer, I promised a little girl some new doll clothes for her birthday. 

I let her go "window shopping" online to pick out some clothes to give me an idea of what she would like to have for her American Girl Doll.  The first one I worked on was a dress she said she liked because of the zebra fabric.
I cut the dress from some old pj slacks I had.  The pattern showed gathering but I pleated it like the zebra dress.  I just now noticed the zebra dress has a square neck.  Oops.
My new sewing machine made the buttonhole and sewing on buttons so easy.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why on Earth did I Move?

Well, cause this is my backyard.  Such a peaceful place and only about 6 blocks from downtown.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bargain with Misfit Cushions & Covers

Yard Sale: 3 pieces of Ratan Furniture including glass top for table, misfit cushions and covers for 30 bucks total.  Then, a run to KMart found Dutch Boy Spray paint marked from $3.98 to $.70 a can.  It took 7 cans to cover couch and love seat.  Still need to paint the table and I have 2 cans left? I already have fabric to cover cushions. Now, go figure.  Somes things are meant to be.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Quilt TOP for an Orphan- I Hope

Second Tuesday is coming up which is when I get together with a group of ladies from my church get to tie quilts that already have been pieced, layered and binded.  I've got my first quilt top ready for our church group hoping someone has batting and backing for it. 

Thanks to my cousins in Ark. for sending me their scraps of fabrics which make up most of this top.