Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dorothy's Apron

Upon my arrival home today, neighbor across street said she was going to ask me yesterday if I could make either a costume for Dorothy of "Wizard of Oz," or Red Riding hood for a costume function at church tonight.  Her daughter really wanted to be Dorothy and take their tiny dog in a basket which I also had available.  I actually had some blue gingham, just the color we needed for Dorothy's jumper. 
I had less than 90 minutes to search online for inspiration.  I decided to start making the very first thing I ever apron, 5th grade 4H.  Hem the bottom, make a casing at the top, a long tie to thread through the casing.  Then I added a 10 x 10 bodice, stitched to the casing then added straps which were tied behind the neck.  Tada...put Todo in the basket.  Took me 80 minutes.

It's not a duplicate.  Dorothy had a dress and this is a pinafore.  The dress also had the buttons on the waistband.  However, when she walks in with those pig tales & a cute little dog in her "lunch" basket, I think they will know the character.


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