Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Katy's Graduation Junk Journal, Part 1 Flip Through

 Last year my oldest grand daughter graduated from college,
so I tried my hand at making a junk journal with some memories,
and places to jot down thoughts & ideas for the future.
Besides our memories, one signature centered around her elementary education major.
That was an easy one for me.
This year my youngest grand daughter graduated as a Civil Engineer.
A bit more challenging for me.

Like Morgan's, this one has a embroidered initial pocket on the front to store writing tools, glue,etc. 
 I don't go through magazines ahead of time.
When time comes, I flip through to see what applies.
This time it worked out perfect and quickly.
All came together like a dream.
 The pages were simple coffee dyed from computer printed templates found online.
 Most of the clippings came from Real Simple magazines,
and an advertisement magazine published in Lexington
that has luscious colored pictures.
 Throughout the book there are several tucks
hiding some cash.

 I used some familiar music from a Baptist songbook found at Goodwill.
Pages were already well aged.
 In this signature about family,
I added a few old shots of grand parents.

 We all had a great time growing up in the Nana Van.
Lots of fun travels.
I can remember the exact times Katy said, "Nana this is the best trip ever!"

A copy of a drawing made by Katy's mother.
 So involved with purple Barney at this age.
Her brain soaked in everything at this age.
 I wished you could have seen the farm boots she had on.
She was already sold on "country" at this age.
 Some of my homemade cards to use, tied up in this piece of fabric
that matched the book.

Just too much to show in one post.
It will probably take 2 more posts to finish the flip through.
Please come back next Tues (I hope.)

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Quilt Block Shot ~ Elkhorn Creek Quilt Show, Part1

Slowly and lterally getting back on my feet
and catching up.
At the time,
I was barely able to walk around and take these pictures.
I had to stop and rest 3 times to release the pain.
You'll eventually find out how many quilts were in this show.
Here is Part 1 of our local quilt guild show present this past spring.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

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