Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 9, Part 4, Shipshewana, Indiana to Kunkle, Ohio

 Leaving Shipshewana, IN

 What do you see in the distance where the dust is stirred?

 Is that a feed sack on the back of the truck?  Tool bag?
 LaGrange, Indiana

 There is a R.R. Donnelley in my hometown, but it's much, much larger than this place.

 It usually amazes us how the terrain changes when we enter a new state.
I makes us understand why it's another state.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 9, Part 3, Shipshewana, Indiana

 Approaching Shipshewana, Indiana
A very beautiful farm town heavily populated by the Amish.

 Some scenes are worth turning around for a double take.
This was one.

 Approaching the edge of town.

 A very popular tourist town.

 Bikes seem to be a very popular mode of transportation for the ladies.
A few had simple motors.

We stopped at a quilt shop that had super great prices
that weren't even sale prices.
Would you believe I didn't buy anything?
I just don't need anything.
Just need to look.
After shopping and checking out another quilt shop,
we discussed eating at the home style restaurant,
but it was already very crowded.
Didn't see the Dutch restaurant we ate in the last time we were here.
The town looked so different to me.

So we ended up at the Red Barn for a burger lunch.

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