Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wordless Wednesday 295 ~ Red Tiger Lily

From Mr. G for Mother's Day.
A perennial which keeps on giving.
He loves to make up pots like this.
Yep, he's a keeper.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memory Monday 114 ~ Thread Boxes

This belonged to my Mother.
As a child I played with it.
Can you tell?
One whole row is missing.
Other rows are broken.
I'm still fascinated with how the beautiful spools of thread
bow out to greet you.
Then the other day,
one of my dear friends came by to
give me some sheets and other pieces of cloth
to possibly use to make masks.
She also gave me this!
An identical thread box with beautiful, wooden spools of colorful threads!
Notice how they were organized by color.

This is such a sweet gift.
Thank you Carole for the memories too.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday 167 ~ Wedding Dress Reminder

 This week I adjusted a wedding dress for a friend.
It made me think of a great rule for a successful relationship.
 The dress needed to be taken up a full inch on the shoulder.
 At first glance, I thought that just can't work without 
redesigning the neckline & armhole.
The lining was a stretch knit.
The lace was not stretch but was lacy enough it have some natural stretch.
So I pinned to see what it would do.
 Stretching was going to distort too much,
but it caused the other side to gather a bit.
 I tried a hand running stitch to see how it would gather.
It worked!
So by hand stitching slowly I guided the shoulders to work together.
The back softly gathered to fit the front.
It had me thinking how in a relationship
has to give a little.
Think about it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Softie ABCs

Here is a scrap buster project!  Use your fabric, batting and backing scraps to make this project.  

If you have an embroidery machine, you might take the time to find the correct font. However, here is a way to have your computer help.

These can be made with any simple straight stitch machine.

Tuesday Tutorial

First search the DaFont site for the "A Love of Thunder" font and installed it.
You might want to also install the free word processor offered by Open Office.
To install a font from DaFont:
  • Download
  • Save to desktop for easy location
  • Open the file on your desktop
  • locate the ttf file
  • double click
  • install
  • done. (you may have to close and reopen your word processor for it to appear.

 For a little person's hand, 
choose size 200 to print the font.
It is a rustic looking font which will have nothing to do with this project.
Only looking for size and shape.
 Choose scraps of fabric just big enough for letter.
You may or may not want to piece the backing and batting.
For some I did piece for others I just used small scraps of batting and backing.
 Use scissors with "Paper" cutting purpose only to cut out letters from paper.
A pair of manicure scissors can cut out centers.
(Found these at yard sale.)

Only cut out centers so they can be traced with the
heat sensitive pens for stitching lines.

 For easier manipulation under the needle,
cut the letter blocks apart.
Laying them on a large piece as above,
does save space and use of batting and backing.

Use a
generic machine foot
and a 2.0 stitch
 for easier curve turning.
 For stability purpose, 
don't cut out centers.
Just stitch the centers.

 To remove heat sensitive marks,
lay out all at same time and press.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Quilt Shot ~ Grandma JP's Baby Quilt is Finished

A friend's Mother just passed away.
She found a quilt her Mother started in 1998.

The outer border needed quilting,
and a binding added.
She asked if I could finish it.
When the mask request stopped coming in,
I jumped on this quick task.
I did some free motion hearts.
It was a very relaxing task.
Made me wonder if her Mother was a calm person.

 I'm told she was.

 It looked like her Mother wanted the quilt to be self binding using the backing
rolled to the front.
That didn't work out.
I had some yellow fabric to make the binding.

The tag made & hand stitched to the back of the quilt.

God bless my friend.
So sorry for her grand loss.
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