Friday, July 12, 2024

Fun Fri~ Wrong Turns on Easy Street, but Supposed to be Easy Peasy


I had fun over the long 4th of July weekend, in my comfortable nest, starting a QOV quilt top.
It was the "Easy Street" pattern from the "Easy Peasy" quilt book by Fabric Cafe. These are the famous 3 yard quilts that are usually quick and easy. I followed the 4 yard directions to make the required QOV dimensions. The cutting directions were super easy to follow. 
Looking at the diagram and quickly reading directions also seemed really Easy Peasy as the title read. 
On Wed, I cut.
Thurs, I proceeded to sew the blue strip all around every single one of the large 24 squares.
 At the end of the day, I realized I took a WRONG turn.  It was supposed to be the red strip around this block!  My only solution was to rip them off. Got half of them removed.

Fri, I finished removing the blue strips and sewed the red strip on, and sewed the blue on the small squares. I did have to cut more blue strips. Thank goodness I had fabric to spare. 
When I got down to the last 7 small squares, I realized I had put the strips on in the WRONG order so they were different than the rest. Ripped again.

Sat, sewed the 4 small squares together. 
I've actually spent as much time ripping as I did cutting and sewing. More complicated, because I didn't pay attention.
It's really an quick and easy pattern to follow
 if you just pay attention and 
don't make the wrong turn on 
this Easy Street Quilt.

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