Monday, January 23, 2017

Memory Mon 36 ~ An Afternoon of Sewing w/ Memories

When any person wants me to show them how to sew something,
I get very excited!
When a school age child asks to learn or for my help, I really get excited!
Before Christmas, Elaina asked me to help with a T-shirt pillow.
I love it when she comes.
She has some sewing experience and absorbs any new knowledge about sewing that I offer.
I was thrilled to show some new tools to her: cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.
Of all the T-shirts she chose, was the Western Kentucky University Hilltopper shirt.
Memories of my Alma mater as well as my daughters and soon to be for one of my grand daughters.
Biggest Memory: My Mother LOVED to watch the Toppers play basketball.  She was a Topper fan for sure.
When Elaina finished the pillow,
she pulled out some fabric she found and wanted to make a Christmas Stocking.

I loved spending the extra time with her, because we got to talk about high school of today
and how it's changed from the days I went.
All through the evening, my mind is thinking of how I learned to sew
and my very first sewing lessons.
I shared a few of those with her.
I think it's a few?

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sun Best ~ January 20, 2017 Sunrise

 @ Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
7:19 am

It was a very good day.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quilt Shot Block ~ A Quilt Show in the Eye of Mr. G

Ladies if your hubby or finance has to travel with you and then attend a quilt show,
do you ever think what he is noticing?
Mr. G does not sit outside and wait.
He enjoys going in with his camera and capturing ideas for me,
while I'm busy looking at quilts.
I'm glad he does this.
Here are a few things that caught his eye that didn't catch mine.
If some of these shots are of your work or product,
please email the contact info so I can update this post with links to give you credit.
He likes clever ideas like the Santa place mat above with napkin tucked under the mustache.
 He loves play on words.
He seeks out clever ideas.
 Cute or funny?  Not sure.
Spring Woolies.
I see these are sold on various sites.

Well, are you surprised?

We now have a problem. His camera was dropped and broken on our trip this past fall.
Got to get another one for him so he can keep shooting ideas for me.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ An A+ Thrift Store

On Merritt Island, Florida, USA
One of our favorite things to do when we go to Cocoa Beach, FL
is to go Thrift Shop Hopping because they are all over the place!
A+ is one of my favorites because they usually have fabric and sewing notions & tools.
Also, their profits help schools!
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #73 ~ Fisherman of Another Kind

 A quick shower came up,
so the fisherman left their seats
to take a quick lunch out of the rain.
Another fisherman that had been patiently waiting on the side
 stepped in?
What do you think the bird did?
Think about it.
Then scroll on down to see if you're right.

Were you right?

Shots taken from our balcony.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crocheting a Rug from Fabric

  One of the gifts I made for this past Christmas was a rug from fabric.  I really enJOYed making it, but man I did not like how it shed.  
   I was inspired by several You Tube Videos and I can see why they used T-shirts and sheets which are knits and finely woven fabrics.  I used curtain, or maybe it was upholstery fabric I got at Restore a couple of years ago.  Even though it seemed to be a substantial but not heavy fabric, it turned out it was loosely woven.  Now I will reconsider such a detail for the next one I make.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
 I cut off about 1½ yard increments from the roll of fabric I had. 
At first I used this ruler and cut a length of strips,
then slid the ruler up and cut again. 
As you can see, these strips are 1 inch wide.
Then I decided a faster way would be to fold the fabric, matching the strips of course.
This way worked great with my sharp rotary cutter, 
which worked better after I cleaned it!
Only thing is, 
I got carried away and cut all the way through the fold
which was not according to directions
when wanting to make a continuous strip of fabric.
According to directions, How to Make Sheet Yarn
I was to stop about an inch or 2 before the fold.

So I had to go back and cut a slit in each end of the strips so the strips could be looped together.
Lay one end of strip 2 over top of an end of strip 1.
Take the other end of strip 2 and slide through slits of the ends you just laid together
through the bottom and up.

Confusing? Then see a You Tube video (start at the 1:50 mark) to find out how to do this.

 I grabbed an old popcorn bucket
(Mr. G & I LOVE to go to movies and eat popcorn!)
and threw the strips in it.
As I crocheted, I added a strip by the method above.
I simply single crocheted the length of the rug I wanted,
turned and single crocheted back across.
This made a rectangle rug.
As you can see, the tension was a bit off
and I had to tug and pull some more to square it up a bit.
 I decided to wash it to see if it would take away the shedding threads.
That worked!  It stopped shedding!
It turned out to be a rather heavy rug.
I was pleased and hope the receiver is also.

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