Monday, October 26, 2015

Embroidered Pumpkin Bookmarks-FREE file.

     You will get a treat if you come to my house on Halloween, but it won't be candy.  I leave the candy giving up to everyone else, because I can't eat leftover candy.
      This year one of the things I'm giving is an embroidered bookmark for the readers. I created a PES file that will make 6 at a time in the large frame which measures about 6x11 inches inside the frame.
        Hope you have an embroidery machine, because I have a TREAT for YOU without coming to my house. Here is your very own PES file to make those Pumpkin bookmarks. You can download free file converters.

First hoop fabric with very heavy, stiff stabilizer.
Choose the thread color you would like.
Different colors used in the embroidery program is to declare the stops to change the color you desire. They are not required colors.
Stitch first 2 colors in the file which is the frame & pumpkin.
I skipped the step using the black thread for facial features since I used black fabric.
Embroider the word "Read." 
 After the first 3 steps (4 counting face) are completed,
take the hoop out of the machine, but
Carefully turn over the frame being careful to hold only by the frame.
Lightly spray a small dab of adhesive 
where the stars in the picture of above indicate.
Lay another layer of fabric on the back.
Lightly smooth the fabric letting the adhesive hold in place.
Pushing down on the fabric could rearrange the warp
 causing your stitches to be off.
I used safety pins on the corners also.
Return to machine and continue next 2 rounds of stitching,
which will be a single line, then the satin stitch.  
I recommend you use the same color for both.
This is what it will look like on the back.
I used ruler/rotary cutter.
You might want to use scissors.  
Don't cut the satin stitches.
It takes about an hour, which is time to do other things.
These do not cause cavities or sugar diabetes.

More Free PES Files

Thanks to:
Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking photos & editing.

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  1. Wish I had an embroidery machine! Thank you for writing the tutorial. The booksmarks look fabulous.


  2. Maybe I'll have to get myself an embroidery machine. The bookmarks look great, Joy!!!


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