Monday, October 19, 2015

Lip Edge Ruler

               Occasionally I use my table sized cutting mat on my sewing table to cut paper especially when I'm wrapping gifts. Another time is to cut cards, gift tags or business cards.
                As I was cutting out some new business cards, I again was thankful for my Lip Edge Ruler which I bought back in the 90s when I bought this huge cutting mat.  Maybe because I have no need to look for them, I don't see these Lip Edge Rulers anymore.
               The Lip Edge Ruler has an extended edge on the end that grips the edge of the cutting mat.  So for some mats it wouldn't work because they aren't thick enough.  I'm so glad it works with this mat, because it works to help me keep the ruler stable when I'm cutting.  I have one that doesn't have a lip, and it can slip easily if not careful.
               Yes, like sewing scissors, there is a rotary cutter assigned for paper cutting use only.   Since paper cutting doesn't happen often, I haven't justified buying a paper rotary cutting board until recently when I found a small one at Tuesday Morning for a fourth of the coast.


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