Saturday, April 9, 2022

Quilt Shot Block 145~ Faith and Fabric Camo Crosses Quilt


I recently tested this pattern for Faith and Fabric.
The pattern packet actually contains 3 patterns.
I chose the one named Camo Crosses.
It's a wall hanging size,
but 4 of them would make a child size quilt 
and 6 a couch quilt.
You can go to the Faith and Fabric  site for more info and 
to order the pattern packet on April 4th May 15, 2022.




 He has Risen!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Tuesday Tutorial & Tip~ Fidget Quilts Teach Beginners to Sew



Last spring I taught 8 students at The Christian Academy of Bluegrass how to use a sewing machine and different sewing techniques.  Making a Fidget Quilt has been the best idea I've EVER had for teaching Beginners how to sew, and best of all end up with a project that benefits others. Please see links to suggested lessons below.  You'll also find "Beginner's Sewing Lesson" links at the top of this page.
Tuesday Tutorial
 I first started doing demonstrations on my machine for the lessons for students to get acquainted with machines.  Soon students used their computers to pull up the directions for the blocks and work at their own pace. I was able to then walk around and work with individuals.  Sometimes we took a break and came to my machine to see a demonstration.  Most people learn visually.
   It was easy to scaffold (a teaching term) the skills from beginning to higher levels through putting together a Fidget Quilt.  I first taught students how to set up the machine, wound a bobbin and thread the machine which one must know to be able to go home and use a machine, then we started by getting acquainted with the stitches each person's machines could do.  I decided the block of various stitches could be a sensory block to go in the Fidget Quilt.
Then the next lesson/block involved learning to manipulate 
the machine or really the fabric
 in various directions.
 Then a block involved lots of edge stitching.
I will say this group caught on fast in commanding the machine to do what they expected.
Edge stitching by all students turned out great. 

To see the entire unit of lessons for this Fidget Quilt please go to:

Beginner's Sewing Lessons 

which can be found at the top of this main blog page. 

Or just click here to see the entire Unit of Sewing Lessons in making a Fidget Quilt,
or click here to jump to the different blocks for each sewing skill.

I was very surprised how well this technique of teaching skills turned out.
I later worked with a couple of students,
and was thrilled to see how well they had caught on,
when they made something they wanted impromptu.

The lessons were posted under "Beginning Sewing Lessons" 
for students' reference.
I then forgot until I made the Fidget Towels recently
to share this event as a Tuesday Tutorial. 

Below are pictures of a student's finished work.

I will admit,
of all the classes I've taught sewing,
the boys generally catch on the quickest.
They certainly are more intrigued by how the machine works.

I definitely think sewing is a skill that will come in handy for anyone
some day.

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Thank all of you for hosting. Lots of great ideas on your linkies.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Quilt Shot Block 144~ QOV March, 2022 Sit and Sew


This past Monday, our Quilt of Valor group had a Sit and Sew Day.
This included bringing in our blocks made at home on
 Two different QOV groups worked on separate mystery quilts.
We were handed packets of sections of the quilt of pieces to sew together.
My first packet was part of a border
made of half square triangles.
I've always loved how complicated this border looks,
yet very easy to put together with triangles.

 Then I took a second packet that was a section of the quilt.

After working for almost 3 hours,
I had to leave an hour before the end of the session.
I believe we had 5 machines working on our quilt
plus a person helping to press pieces.
This is what we had done so far.

 I wonder what it will look like,
as well as the other blocks turned in from 
National Sew Day.