Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Turning Corners

         Turning stitched corners that is.
       There are several times when you are sewing that you will need to turn a corner inside out and make it a perfect 90°.  Dress makers need to do this for collars and maybe pockets.
         When I made some Casserole/Pie carriers I used the technique that I have seen frequently on Sewing with Nancy .

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

Insert only your thumb inside.

Hold thumb in corner opposing your finger.
Fold one seam allowance at stitch line over and 
hold between thumb and finger.
Fold other seam alloweance over at stitch line
and hold both seam allowances between thumb and finger. 
 While holding seam allowances between thumb and fingers,
pull out.
 You still might have to take a pin
to pull a little tuck out some more.
 Usually they turn out perfect,
despite the fact the corners were not trimmed.
If you do trim corners, it's harder to hold the seam allowance.
 Usually the untrimmed corner isn't too bulky,
and stitches just fine.
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Memory Mon 40 ~ Sewing Journal

Sometimes I wonder if I keep too many journals.
Most are to help me remember.
My sewing journal tells what I did each time I visited my sewing room.
Such as:
choosing fabrics
researching my books & magazines
and of course sewing.
I write down pattern numbers, & measurements used, 
Notes of what did and didn't work
and sometimes I tape swatches of fabric.
My Christmas list and what was made for each
So I don't make the same thing and give again.
When someone asks me to sew something for them
I write it down including necessary info just in case I need to repeat.
Yes, I refer to it a LOT, so I guess it's not a waste of time.
The composition notebook holds ideas and usually lays by my bed, 
because I do grab it if I have a thought when trying to go to sleep.
It also goes to the Quilt Guild with me.
The book holds some quilt patterns I still want to make.
It occurs to me that writing a book is actually another way to journal.
The yellow cup in the foreground that holds tiny scraps and thread cuttings
commemorates where my girls and a grand daughter went to high school.
I have fond memories of sewing prom and wedding dresses for them during that time.
How do you preserve your memories so you can remember?
Think about it.
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sun Best ~ Erna Nixon Park: More Close Ups

 @ Erna Nixon Park
Melbourne, Florida, USA

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quilt Shot Block ~ Highland Quilt Guild Show: Miniature & Scrap

 @ Sebring, Florida, USA

I am not touching the quilt.
I've placed my hand in front of the quilt to give perspective to the size of the quilt.
Very tiny pieces!
 Notice how small the bottom right quilt in the shot above.
Close ups below.

 I love red.
I love scraps.
I love raw edges.
This quilt is very similar to one I've had in my head for a few years now to place on my living room wall.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Titusville Row by Row

we stopped by Kathy's Quilt Studio afterwards.
Last winter I bought enough Row by Row packets or acquired the pattern to make a quilt.
Never had time to start them.
So I said I wouldn't buy anymore this year, because they are, in my opinion, super expensive.
However, after Kathy saw my interest in the used magazines and books, she pulled up a chair for me and encouraged me to dig in.  Then, the more I thought about this row, the more I thought it would be a great souvenir for this whole area we love to visit.  I could tell she had done a great deal of work to put just 1 kit together.  Several pieces are backed with facing or sticky interfacing.  I don't have to cut the pattern.  She had an embroidery kit and then an applique kit which I purchased.  I thought it will be a great stand alone piece.

BTW, I don't advertise, but I will pass on that Kathy sells quality fabrics for the price of $7.99 to 9.99/yd which is unusual.  If you live around Titusville, it might be worth your trip.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #78 ~ Charity Chuckle

What puts a chuckle in your day?

It doesn't take much for Mr. G and me.

Just driving around the other day and passed this thrift store in a strip mall.
Mr. G said, "Look!"  We giggled and I quickly held my camera to take random, unsighted shots behind us.
I managed to catch our chuckle at this "Hidden Treasures" sponsored by Hospice.
Isn't he a hoot?
Think about it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reversible Casserole/Pie Carrier

     If you know folks that go to a lot of pot lucks, here is a quick gift you can pull together, probably using some of your scrap stash. These casserole/pie carriers are super fast and easy to make.
     I do not claim to have come up with this great idea. You can google to see how others made this.  For the most part I'm using The Crafty Gemini's idea. She did quilt her pieces and I did not.  As always I usually have to tweak things a bit.
     I made some of these for gifts for last Christmas.  Part of the fun was watching the receiver figure out what they had been given and how to use it. 😌

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
 Decide size of squares you want/need to make your carrier.
I decided 24 inch squares would carry most any size dish.

Cut 2 fashion fabrics and 1 layer of thin, cotton batting. 
I have used old towels and blankets. Make sure they can take heat.

Lay fashion fabrics right sides together and batting (wadding) on top.
 In this case one fabric is pre-quilted fabric,
so no more quilting was done.

Stitch ½ inch around edge, leaving an opening to turn inside out.
Then top stitch ¼ inch around edge. Instead of quilting, I feel this step keeps the pieces from slipping around.
 Cut one 5 x 25 (Correction.. 2.5 x 25) inch strip (or see directions below to adapt to your size)
 and two 3 x 5 inch pieces.
The strap should be almost the length of the diagonal of your squares. (See illustrations.)
Mine was about 25 inches.  
If you used smaller squares, measure accordingly.
 Above is a closer view to show how the strips were not the complete length of the diagonal.

Fold strip in half,  right sides together and stitch ¼ inch seam.
Turn right side out and press with the seam on the back side.
Edge stitch both edges.
Turn under end,
place as close to end of square as possible.
Stitch a boxed cross stitch as shown above.
Stitch handle on opposing corners.
 To make the loops, fold and press as shown.
Notice the ends are turned under.  
The ends are only pressed, not stitched at this point.
 Edge stitch both sides.

On the other opposing corners, as close to the corner as possible,
stitch the loops as shown with a boxed cross stitch.
Make sure the ends stay tucked in as you stitch.
Then BAM you are done!

 It's Reversible!

Like the cobbler that didn't make shoes for his own kids,
I didn't make one for myself.
I need to make one!
Do you need to make one for yourself?

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