Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #134 - Removed from Home

I can't tell by this sign if the Seminoles wanted to move from their home.
The word "removal" is key to me.
Then it says Casey "built a spirit of trust."

I do know someone personally that was removed from their home
for a new road,
and another home torn down so the airport could have more land.

 I hope I never have to leave a home I love,
because someone else wanted it,
and required me to move out.
A neighborhood close by.
After you worked hard for your home,
Would YOU want to be "removed?"
"THINK about it."

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pillowcase Dress from Grandpa's Shirt

    A grandpa handed me a well crafted shirt made of high quality fabric and asked if I could fix it.  Here are some shots of the process of how it was "fixed."

Tuesday Tutorial

 The fabric at the tummy buttonhole had unraveled.
The shirt laid on my to-do pile for a couple of months,
while brainstorming some ways to fix it.
When his grand daughter came to visit,
I decided it could not be repaired but
could be worn by her.

 I didn't have the measurements of the grand daughter.
I used this chart to help decide the
 size of arm hole, band width across the chest, & length of the dress.
I made this 1 page chart in my OpenOffice Word Processor
using information from a smaller jpg. chart you can find at

However, I wanted to keep the shirt tail hem,
so a tuck was made around the shirt like our mother's made in any dress
while growing up, so the length could be readjusted as we grew by letting out the tuck.
The tuck took the length up according to the chart.

This is how the bad buttonhole was hidden.

 Made use of the contrasting facing on the back yoke.

Fold top to make channel for ribbon tie.