Saturday, September 23, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #96~ No Tear Paper Piecing Log Cabin

Log Cabin
 6½ inch block
No Tear Paper Piecing
Log Cabin Foundation Paper Piece
found in
the May/June 2009 Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine
(see below for more information)

However a quick web search can bring up several Log Cabin Foundation patterns you can download.

I used the same method to make this Log Cabin block that I made 
Dug into my scraps for these tiny 1/2 inch strips.

Remember for "No Tear" paper piecing, stitching is not done through the paper,
but rather the paper is folded on the stitch line,
and fabrics are stitched just beside the stitch line.
Small pins are used to hold pieces in place during stitching and pressing.
This pattern does start out with a rather large center.
Paper was folded as the piece progressed.

Possible quilts
No Rotation
Every other counter clockwise
When half of a log cabin is done with dark verses light fabrics,
there are many layout designs that can be created.


And there are probably more?


  1. I never thought of folding the paper instead of sewing through it. Such a great idea that reduces the number of patterns one need to print. Thanks!

  2. Love this idea, so much easier and no paper to mess with. Thanks.


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