Saturday, September 30, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #97~ Double X

Double X
12½ inch square

 The book I got the pattern from
showed an eight inch square.

Of course I'm making 12 ½ inch squares.
 Of course I miscalculated the first time. Duh.
I pulled from the scrap pile my friend gave me about a month ago.
These were the larger pieces of fabric ranging from about 1/8 yard and larger.
 Needed 2 sizes of half square triangles and I had 2 ways to make them.

Rather easy block because there is very little matching of seams.
Possible quilts
 No rotation

In the following, notice the new designs made by the blue triangles,
and the secondary design by the red.
This is what always interests me about quilts.
 Rotation 1

 Rotation 2

 Rotation 3

And there are probably more?

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