Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ "I Got It" Heard in Sewing Class

I loved:
 seeing teamwork in class.
......when one student was successful making a buttonhole,
they passed on help to the next person.
...when a younger student showed an older student how to cut open their button hole.
...when one discovered the parts of a machine and how to use them,
 even though it might have been a bit awkward at first.
....when a student intently sewed with the machine to be as accurate as they possibly could.
....... when students helped set up and take down the classroom,
which was a tremendous help to me.

.....when students took pride in the tiny whip stitches that used to make their pencil pouches.

But, probably the most exciting thing I heard this week
was a result of me demonstrating all of September 
how to tie a knot in the thread.
 A student came up to me somewhat excited and said,
"I tied a knot!"
Now that's a FUN thing.

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