Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #152 ~ Lost Mojo

 I made a jacket and top for me last year for a wedding.
I hate to shop so I usually end up sewing up something for myself.

 My meds suddenly caused me to gain back ALL of my weight in a matter of 2 months.
So it's not fun making something for me now.
I found a pattern I had I sorta liked,
but of ALL the fabric I had, nothing inspired me.
I pulled this piece out, ultimately there wasn't enough fabric to make the pattern.
That blew my mojo for sure!
Nothing was made.
 Back to my quilt fun.
Have you ever lost a desire for your hobby?
"THINK about it."

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wordless Wednesday #272 ~ Leestown Rd. Red Roof Barn

While it probably provides a home for horses or hay storage,
a lot of horse barns around here are better than a lot of folks' homes.
The doors on the side of this barn tells me this probably was a tobacco barn at one time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Small Fabric Star

        Each year our Quilt Guild tries to have at least one small project on the program agenda.  We have one lady known as the "Scrap Queen" that has come up with some great VERY quick ideas.
        Last week at our monthly meeting, this was the idea that Tara presented.

Tuesday Tutorial

While the intention of this star is an ornament to be used on a Christmas tree,
as the folks around me chatted about our project,
we decided this star is a perfect size to go in a mailed Christmas Card
or tucked in the office or church mail boxes.

This idea has been around for a while,
so instead of reinventing the directions,
allow me to refer you to Felicity Quilts for the directions.

Of course, I do have some suggestions:
Step number 6, tuck the corner on around the angle
to help the triangle lie smooth and stay tucked.

I cut my thread long enough to stitch all layers, the button and leave a hanger.
To secure the pieces together,
I first inserted needle and thread BETWEEN 2 of the triangles to hid the knot
instead of straight through the back.
After a couple of stitches through ALL layers,
I then attached the button.
I only used 2 complete stitches for the button since it's not a stress stitch (being worn.)
The needle was exited back out between the 2 triangles & out the top and tied at the end
so time doesn't have to be spent adding a ribbon hanger.


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Monday, August 27, 2018

Memory Monday 101 ~ Barn Wedding

 Went to my first barn wedding reception
on August 18, 2018 which I'm told
was the most popular wedding day of the year.
It was beautiful.
A ton of memories made on this day.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Quilt Shot Block ~ Kentucky State Fair Quilts 2018

 Going to the Kentucky State fair has become an annual event
for Mr. G and me.  This is about our 6th year I'd say.
There were several of these quilts (above) on display, but this one provided the 3D effect the most to me.
I'd really like to make one of these. 
I'd say the trick is the right shades of fabric.
 I did a no-no this year.
I forgot to take pictures of the name cards
so I can give credit to the artists.
Mr. G was so lovingly pushing me around in a wheel chair this year
so we could see more.
I didn't want to take up a lot of his time,
so I rushed and forgot.
 Also, my phone doesn't take quality shots.
They looked crisp and clear when I took them.
But after transferring to the computer, something happens.
These are a few of the quilts that caught my eye
and gave me ideas.
If YOU made one of these quilts, or know who did,
please, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.
Too much time for such beautiful work not to be given credit.
SO sorry.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Fun or Funny Friday ~ Extra Table Top Space

I'm so lucky to have a sewing room.
I find myself complaining because it's crowded,
then I do a thankful check
and realize I'm not in a damp basement anymore!
Or spread out on the kitchen table to be put up in time for dinner.
I am constantly adapting in this FUN place.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #151 ~ Mr. G's Summer Project Brick Path

 Mr. G has been super busy this summer
working on various projects in his back yard.
He seems to really enjoy working with rocks & stones.
A lot of the wood and rock/bricks were acquired via facebook folks 
getting rid of things for free or a small price.
I love his brick path to his man shed.
I know a lot of thought went into designing his path with the amount of brick he had.
Reminds me of piecing a quilt.
"THINK about it."

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fabric Covered Paper Clip Box

     "Necessity is the mother of invention."  Not a statement, it seems, that is often used these days of the generation that "just goes and buys another."  However, I've used it often and a lot.  When I need something, I hunt for something in my house I can use or I "invent" it.  When you can use a sewing machine, you can do that a lot. 
       I was tired of separating the paper clips from my pins.  Just slowed me down.  I didn't like having to open the paper clip box to get a clip.  Just slowed me down.  I couldn't find a container I already had that was small enough. Didn't want it to take up a lot of space, AND I didn't want to have to buy something.  So, as I was holding the paper clip box, the idea popped into my head!

Tuesday Tutorial
 Why not just pretty up this perfect sized box without its top?

Yes, there is room for lots of improvement.


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