Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #149 ~ I'll Just Leave This Here?

 Last winter while driving through an uninhabited area more than once
 on North River Road
 east of Venice, Florida
 there by itself sat a patio table.
with no chairs, no close by restaurant. 
Sitting upright like it didn't fall.
I'll just leave this here.
"THINK about it."


  1. One wonders how/why/who about that table. I imagine someone with a warped sense of humour might have put it there simply to mess with people's heads.

    1. I agree because it seemed to be an intentional placement as if to sit and view something? Fireworks but couldn't have been because not close to anything. Also not conducive for selling produce since no traffic wear on grass. Best I remember it was state land. If it fell off a truck, it landed just right.


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