Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #148~Stray Bobbin Thread ENDS

 It seems I use black and white threads the most
despite all the colors I have.
I wound many bobbins of those colors and store them on the spare spool holder
as you see the black bobbins here.
 The other day when I wasn't paying attention,
somehow, not one but all THREE stray bobbin end threads 
got caught up in the white thread I was very busy using.

 I just happened to look up just before they ALL started being pulling into the tension!
 It was like my machine was teasing me.
How in the world did all THREE get caught up.
I never have had that to happen to just even one!
I think I may have solved the problem from happening again
with tiny pig tail holders!
"THINK about it."

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! Not only to keep your spare bobbins on the thread holder but to wrap them in pig tail holders. I keep mine in a plastic box that's made specifically for bobbins but I can see that the pig tale holders would stop them from unraveling all over the place every chance they get.


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