Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morn 2012- Mr. G & Me

Thank-you Mr. G for a Wonderful Christmas Morning!

And for Breakfast, perhaps a new tradition.....
Eggs A-La-Goldenrod
A recipe created by Mr. G's Mother:
Hard boiled egg whites mixed into country style gravy which is ladled over crispy toast and topped with the crumbled egg yoke.

I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a wonderful time with Friends and Loved Ones.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Outdoor Decor: Christmas- 2012

Running late!  Only a week left and I don't even have my tree up today!  Just busy getting some business done. Decided to show what little I have done outside.

I had been hoping for some real greenery for my door.  When the concrete guys had to trim the bush to pour concrete at my rental property, I grabbed the green stuff and put it in the car.  Guys thought I was nuts.  I used it on the door and put left over pieces in the pot (Hwy 127 yard sale grabs last summer).  The galvanized bucket on the chair, was sitting on the street a couple of weeks ago 4 houses up from me.  Perfectly good can????
Here is why I've been delaying.  One doesn't want to string lights outside when someone is going to be working on your house.  

I've been waiting almost a week for a new roof.
First we had frost each morning that just wouldn't go away, and then today rain!
I'll share the excuse for not having indoor decorations done, later.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #37~Traveling Dinner Season

 A few years ago, had this been me, I probably would have used grass string.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Zumbrota Covered Bridge

    Our impromtu trip to the Mall of America via Des Moines, IA a few weeks ago, led us to Zumbrota, MN for the night.  We stayed there partly because we knew there was a covered bridge close by, (If you followed this blog last summer, you know our infatuation with covered bridges.) and the other reason being it was getting late and cold and we were very tired.  
    So the next morning the first thing we did was check out the covered bridge located in town.
These photos were taken by Mr. G.  these photos are untouched.  It was a foggy, drizzly, cold morning.

 Notice the windows.  Looks like light shining through them, when in fact, Mr. G. said they were very deep and painted white inside.  This made for very interesting photography as you can see below.

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