Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #23 ~ Surprise Purple Lily

On the side of the house, where I've pulled up weeds after the early spring take over & the sun has beamed hot and dried the ground rock hard, I found one sole purple lily that had been knocked over by the wind of the storm.  So, I brought it in the house.  Then I'm reminded that my Dad's, (he passed away this last April) favorite flowers are lilies.

There are some orange tiger lilies in the front of the house, but this is my third summer to have this house and there have been no lilies come up on that side of the house until now, especially this unusual purple color????

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10 More Indiana Bridges~One Lucky Historical Society Adopted Bridge

So our journey began on the last day, with #17 in a park in Kokomo, IN.  
#19 was not on the map, but just discovered in a golf course and snapped while driving down the road.

#18 was well preserved and included a park set up by a local historic society.  Definitely the nicest setup, including information, of all we visited.

 Then moving on, we found triplets that were about 1/2 hour apart.  You can tell they had the same builder.

Yes, I have promised you the most unusual bridge of all and its still yet to come.  They say there is no other in the world like it.  Also, have you guessed how many bridges we saw in all?  Here's a clue:  The next post will show the end of our Indiana Covered Bridge Adventure.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lucky to find 14 and Adams Mill Covered Bridges

Bridge #14-Angel Hill- Found in a golf course  ?????
Yes, this was listed on the Covered Bridge Map website and did have some history with it.
When was their last rain?

Bridge #15- Lancaster/ Beard
 Are they beginning to look all alike?  Noticing green grass here, like these folks have had rain!

Then we came upon another special site where we spent a bit of time.
 Bridge #16- Adams Mill  - Bolivar

Interesting to watching the water bounced light dancing around on the floor of the bridge.

Then up the road a few hundred yards was Bolivar Village with Adams Mill.

Shot taken by Mr. G's smartphone.  This was as it turned out from the phone, untouched. 


What does the horseshoe mean?

 Just because the scene reminded me of the creek where I live.

Dry?  All of these bridges were within an hour's drive and the one in the middle showed green grass.

Bridges 1-5; Bridges 6-10; Bridges 11-13 ; Bridges 17-27; Bridges 28-31

Well, the most unusual covered bridge is yet to come.  Stay tuned.  I'm glad to hear a few people are enJOYing the covered bridge posts.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Quickest Sewing Machine Cover Ever

Well yeah, this is actually a serger.  I've had this baby since 1980 something.  Its made a bunch of clothes for my 2 daughters and me, some prom dresses, and a wedding dress, including all the bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girl and mine.  Not to mention long stitching sessions of curtains and quilt piecing.  She's been taken in for regular maintenance with the only repair being made was due to a repair guy stripping the threads of the screw for the pressure foot.  I did a lot of research when I bought her and at the time the Consumer Report said it was the best one made.  They were right.  I drove 200 miles to Louisville to get it.  Like many sewing/fabric stores, I understand that downtown store died recently.  Sad.
   Well my Mama always told me to keep my machines covered when I wasn't using them.  No sense in letting more dust settle on and in them.  I had never gotten around to making a special cover, but just threw a colorful piece of fabric over it.  UNTIL..........

One day recently, I was going through one of those yard sale bags where you could take all the clothes you could stuff in a KMart bag for $1.  (JOY tip: Look at old clothes as fabrics, cheap fabrics.)  I had bought a suede skirt to make Mr. G. a new toiletry bag for travel because his blew up.

I threw the skirt over the serger where it would wait for me as my next project.

As King Julien in Madagascar says, "Lightbulb!"

 That's my pony tail holder.
 Turn right side out and wa-la!  
The Quickest Sewing Machine Cover EVER!

But wait!   Although the suede fabric looked very neat, I really wanted to make the toiletry bag with it.  So I looked through my stuffed bag of clothes a little further.  (JOY tip- if you have an opportunity to stuff as many clothes or anything cloth as you can into a bag, roll each piece as tight as you can.  This works well for packing a suitcase, too.)

I found this light turquoise child's skirt made of a gauze like fabric with a cotton lining.

I turned wrong side out, hand gathered waist.

Turn right side out.

Now my sweet Baby is protected by a couple of layers of soft, turquoise gauze.

On the opposite note, had this idea popped into my head, how long would it have taken me to find a cheap child's skirt that would be just right?  Does that happen to you?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indy Bridges 11, 12, 13

More Indiana bridges from our 4 day trip. 

Bridge # 11 
Wished it hadn't been so dry.  Pictures seem to be more gloomy because of dry grass and little water in the creeks.

Bridge # 12
 Photo taken by Mr. G.

 Also see Wordless Wednesday #22

 The Dunbar bridge had lots of traffic while we were there. 

Bridge # 13

Bridges 1-5; Bridges 6-10; Bridges 14-16; Bridges 17-27; Bridges 28-31

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