Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bow Bags

       Last year I made some gift bags to hold a tiny gift.  I accidentally designed these "Bow Bags."  
       I didn't want to place them under the tree, because they were so small.  So I laid them in the tree which turned out to be another accident as they did a great job decorating the tree.
     I only wished I'd had red fabric.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

When I finished the bags, this is how they turned out.

Then I turned them side ways. Bows!
Here's how to make these quick Bow Bags:
 Cut a rectangle to make the size you need.
This one is 10 X 14 inches
 Serge or finish one long edge.

 Fold in half.  
In elementary school we say fold it hamburger style (verses hotdog style.)
 Then serge or finish the remaining 3 sides including the folded edge.
 One way to turn a corner using a serger is
at the end of the seam, tug a bit on the threads to release the threads a bit.
Raise the foot,
 and turn the corner.
 Set the needles on the edge and continue sewing next edge.
 The other way is to sew off the end and not cut.
 Turn the corner with the serged thread end
pulled to the right ready to be cut by the knife.
 On the left above is the first method, the right shows the second method.

 Trim the corners if you used the first method.
Ready to stuff the bottom half.

Gather the center where you will tie a ribbon.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Memory Mon 28 ~ God Bless Gatlinburg, TN

 A fire had started at Chimney Top in the Great Smoky Mountains
 and fighters tried to challenge it on Sunday.
With the heavy winds up to 80mph, in 2 days, it had traveled to Gatlinburg, TN.

To compound the problem, 
the high winds knocked trees over on power lines
which created sparks that ignited fires in the super dry terrain.
As I go to bed, I hear that about 30 buildings in Gatlinburg are on fire.

While I'm praying for the folks losing their homes, businesses and jobs,
the memories flood my mind
and it's hard to imagine the change.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #81 ~ Illinois

Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild
States Blocks of the Month

     As I stand at my cutting table, I can see my bulletin board.
     On that bulletin board I have placed charts for quick reference. Still a faster way than looking them up on the computer or my phone.  You can find these charts and others at Jane's Quilting.  
      I like both of the charts I'm showing today, because they show quick reference drawings to remind me how to make them.
This is one of the charts I often go to when making half square triangles. It makes 8 at one time.

 10 inch squares
Only need 4 of the half square triangles.

To make the Flying Geese I use this chart:

 Two 5¼ squares and four 2 7/8 squares.

I didn't have measurements for the center block.  I knew the center square had to have a diagonal of 4½ inches.  I know there is a formal to determine the side measurements, but I did it this way.  Actually I was still about an 1/8 inch off.

I cut my centre square 2 7/8 and should have cut at 3 inches.  The two smaller squares were ?.

to check the layout of your block.

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