Saturday, November 5, 2016

Quilt Shot Block ~ Elkhorn Creek 2016 Quilt Challenge Begins- Black, White, Plus 1- Disappearing 9 Patch

Disappearing 9 Patch
> 12½ inch square
My plus 1 color I drew out of the bag was yellow.
For detailed directions please go to 

Quilt Shot Block #9 ~ Disappearing 9 Patch 

 I had decided back in May the quilt block I wanted to use
would be the Disappearing 9 Patch.
 I had been collecting black and white pieces for the last 5 years,
and had planned to make a black, white & red quilt to honor my old high school's colors.
Because some of the black/white pieces where just scraps,
I had to cut out squares rather than use the strip method like I did for quilt block #9.
After making the 9 patch blocks, you cut them in half 2 ways.
 Then twist and turn each section.
I turn them so I don't have to match seams.
It amazes me how fast this quilt is to cut and put together.

 To remember which side to sew,
I stack with the seams to be stitched off set from each other.
Here the seams are to the right.
 Here they are on the bottom.
 I did all my stitching with the chain stitch technique, stitch one set of squares after another
without cutting in between.
When I did cut apart I
didn't cut the stitch between the blocks that belonged together.

 The square above is off,
because I had not cut off one side to make it 4½ inches.
oops, it had to be the one I shot.

 To me it's always fun to see how these turn out.
I love the scrappy look.
I had intentions of it being more black and white with a small square of yellow here and there,
but I had found a set of quarters at Tuesday Morning I loved.

It only took me less than 4 hours to put these 11 squares together.

See the finished quilt HERE !

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