Friday, February 25, 2022

Fun Fri! Coffee Dying a Paper


      Some Junk Journalists set aside a big space, big day and big pans to coffee dye a large amount of papers at one time. Right now I mostly make cards and tags for different reasons and occasions as I need them.
      So when I find a sheet online, I print it right then. The next morning I save part of the next pot of coffee. I simply lay out a piece of wax paper on my kitchen table and grab a napkin to blot the paper.  On a winter day when the air is so dry, it usually takes less than an hour to dry. Then I file the sheet to be cut as needed.
This coffee was a pecan caramel flavored coffee, so it smells very delightful. 
Wonder if the smell will stay in the paper?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tues Tutorial ~ Scrap Junk Tags


These tags are not made with a foundation like the Bottom of the Barrel Gift Tags and the Bottom of Barrel Gift Tag: Method 2 where dryer sheets were used. I experimented with this method to make some larger tags for junk journals. It took me much longer. I guess the boundaries of the dryer sheet was a crutch for me?
Tuesday Tutorial
Harder to keep flat?


My template cut from a key card to cut corners of tags.

Forgot to punch a hole.
Took a strip of fabric and folded in half.
Laid more scraps on the fold.
Zig-Zag stitch at zero stitch length. 5.0 wide.

Quilting is more fun than Housework

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thoughtful Thur 179~ Sis' Birthday Card


This time of year,
there are always thoughts of my sister and her birthday.
So I grabbed a scrap of fabric.
Who else would you think that would do that?
Fussy cut some 1½ inch hexies.
Hand stitched them together in Grandmother's Flower Garden Fashion.
Then machine sewed it to a card.
Along with some leaves and a stem.

Happy Birthday Sis.
Always thinking of you!
Another thought.
This is one of a kind card,
unless I find more fabric like it
and make the fussy cuts the
exact same. 
 Thinking that won't happen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Tues Tutorial~ Strip Race Christmas Bag/Pillow Cover


Many of you have heard of and possibly made a Strip Race quilt top or better known as the Jelly Roll Strip Race Quilt.  I like to use the same method to use various lengths and widths of strips to make a piece of scrap cloth like I did for this gift bag to present the White on White Pillows to my Grand Daughters.
Tuesday Tutorial
Gather up strips of same width but any length. 
I don't know a way of measuring or guessing how many strips are needed.  
Possibly lay strips side by side for size of bag you need?
Sew strips randomly, end to end.


Find each end of the now one long strip

and lay right sides together as shown above.
Stitch down one long edge.

I've divided the stack in half.
When you get to the point where the strip is folded in half,
cut the strip along the fold and stitch on to the end.
Now you have a long strip that is 2 strips wide.
Again, find each end of this long strip and lay right sides together.
Stitch down one side
and sew to the end cutting along the fold at the end to sew to end.
Then you have 1 long strip that is 4 strips wide.
Repeat the process until you have the size of fabric you need.

I have made enough fabric to make 2 bags,
and the top of 2 pillow covers.

To make the bag

The fold is on the left, the seam is on the right.
Then lay the seam in the middle which will be the back side.
Add handles of your choice, either made yourself or ribbon.

(Find out HERE how I hyperlinked to the Boxed Corners spot in another post.)

Then I decided I had enough to make and envelope pillow cover
for the White on White Pillows.

The new pillow covers were tucked in the back of the envelope cover 
of the White on White pillow.

These handles were made from scraps.

Just another scrappy project.