Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Hyperlink to a Specific Point within Your Posts

In some cases you might find that you would like to link your reader to a part within your post or even to a specific point on a page you've already posted on your blog.

I used to use Front Page while I was teaching to create my teaching webpage and the school's web page. In that program they had a tool that made things simple.  A tool I can't believe blogger hasn't added yet, or I'm just unaware of it?

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I've come down with 3 basic steps for bloggers. Note: You cannot do this to a post you didn't create.
1. Inserting code name of link  2. Copying the new link   3. Pasting the new link with #codename.

 Here is more of a breakdown of those 3 steps with pictures of course.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*


Step 1. 

 Copy the following code 
"https://www.blogger.com/null" name="namehere"
To close tags you must add        at the beginning and    >
  at the end.   I can't do that for you because it would disappear on this post as it is suppose to. 

and paste somewhere ... where you need to create the link to on YOUR post.
In my example below I pasted above the picture I wanted to link to.

Make following changes and additions to the code:
Change "namehere" in the html to your desired unspaced name keeping it short & don't delete quotation marks.

Remember Add what you see at the beginning and end of the code in the picture below. This is what makes it disappear on your page, because no one needs to see it, and the reason why I was unable to give you the complete code to copy.


Here is an example of how to paste without messing with the HTML page:

 I wanted mine to go directly to a picture HERE, so I pasted the code just above the picture in the COMPOSE mode.

 Flip to HTML by clicking on the HTML button
 and do nothing, because I promised you wouldn't be messing with this page.
You might notice that your code you just pasted, will appear.

Then click back to COMPOSE and notice the HTML code has apparently disappeared.
Did I say that's why I couldn't share the complete code? It disappears!
To make sure it's still there, just flip back to HTML and you will see, it is actually still there.
This has made a "hidden URL marker" you can use to connect to from somewhere else.

Step 2. Next determine the hyperlink for the spot you just made.  Remember you changed "namehere" to something you want.  Mine is "colors"
    On the page where you placed your new hidden link, click on LINKS in the right bar on blogger.

It will drop down and show you the link for that page.  Highlight and copy (CTRL+C) that permalink.

3. Highlight the word or picture you want to link as you do when you are linking to a different web page.
Hit the link button and paste your permalink you just copied and add (type in) the name of the link you just made (mine is colors) to the end of that permalink with a hashtag preceding it, so I added #colors to the end of my permalink address. 


My new link was:


I hope you find this tutorial useful to your blog?
To try it out, please go to THIS page and click on gift tag and see where it takes you. 



Thanks to the FREE programs:
possibly used for this post

 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating the icon used on this page



  1. What a great tutorial. Thanks for posting this! If I still used Blogger I would def. try it out.

  2. sounds a great way to highlight but afraid I was lost seem to struggle with instructions do much these days

  3. Thanks for the fab tutorial, Joy. Pinning so I can find it when I need it.

  4. Awesome tips for a new or intermediate blogger!

    Thanks for sharing on Peace, Love, Linkup! Hope to see you tomorrow at 6 for the next round of sharing fun!


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