Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #179 ~ French Lick, IN & Hotel Tour

French Lick, IN, USA

French Lick Resort

Some history:

 The birth of Tomato Juice
Who knew?

There is a train ride, but unfortunately the Sunday we were there, 
it was a 20 minute Thomas train ride for the kiddos.
No rides were available until Tuesday and we weren't hanging around that long.
I found out from this trip, there is a lot of history in Indiana to learn.


  1. "French Lick", huh?
    Don't the names we come up with amaze you sometimes?

    Thanks for sharing at

    1. Yes, need to do a little research about that name. I will say the word "Lick" around here brings to mind salt licks for especially deer. Some hunters put out salt blocks for the animals, and back before salt blocks some soil would have enough salt to draw animals. It's a mineral that lots of herding animals like cattle and deer need especially during hot summer. So I'm guessing this part of Indiana was one of those places and could have been a Frenchman that discovered the salt lick? Just a wild guess.


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