Monday, October 31, 2016

Memory Mon 24 ~ Early Morning Yellowstone

 When folks ask me what part I like best about our trip of 53 days around the USA,
Yellowstone always comes to mine at the top of my list.

 Because of the miles we had to cover and distance to the nearest hotel, we had to get up and leave early.
I'm glad we did.  The early morning scenes were definitely memorable.
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 53~ Tupelo, Mississippi to Kentucky HOME!

 Our hotel didn't have a breakfast worthy of eating on a diabetic diet.
Sweet rolls and sugared cereal just won't work.
Grabbed a coffee and headed to a Waffle House for some ham and eggs!

We got on Natchez Trace, which took only about 5 miles for Mr. G to get bored of
 neatly trimmed road side & trees with no views & 50mph.
So we changed our route and glad we did.
We accidentally found Shiloh, Tennessee.
I love Civil War stuff. 

 This National Park did remind me of Fort Oglethorpe we visited below Chattanooga this past spring.
 She replied as I asked, "How are you doing?"

Donations were taken in honor of your state or country.

Further up the road we found Savannah, TN across the Tennessee River.
Apparently, a favorite stop for the river boat.
Some of the tour buses apparently associated with the ship were visiting Shiloh while we were there.

We drove some more back roads of Tennessee toward Nashville.

On recommendation of a family member,
Leipers Fork, Tennessee was the last stop on my bucket list.
It was a perfect warm fall day to visit this place.
The little town was packed at 2 pm on this Friday afternoon.
We had a late lunch of BBQ pork (mine on cornbread).
Notice how long Puckett's has been in business.
As it was suggested to us,
 I'm guessing this place would be a fun place to visit at night when all the musicians show up.

The rest of the drive into southern Nashville was beautiful as well.

 Off Chickering Road in Nashville, TN.

Really HOME when I get to my old stomping grounds.

We made it to the house about 7:30 PM EDT.
Thank-you God for an awesome trip!!!

It was great to visit family which is why this trip went in a total circle around the USA.
I want to thank everyone we visited for their hospitality.
Keith & Karen, for touring the Amana Villages, food & football. Keith can make a mean grilled cheese.
Dave, for giving us a place to lay our head and being THE best Seattle Tour Guide anyone could ask for.
Joanne, for finding a place to stay with the most beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.
Kelly, for chauffeuring & showing us a large part of the Sacramento area and it's history,
and including a great meal. 
Dale & Lois, for a great 3 days of food, chatting & a place to lay our heads.
And of course the couple of hours meeting up with Linda and Danny from KY!

Ready to go again to see more of God's beautiful world,
but we'll stay home long enough to vote first.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
And we've come FULL circle!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 52~ Fordyce, Arkansas to Tupelo, Mississippi

After spending the night in Fordyce, Arkansas where Coach Paul Bryant had gone to high school,
we traveled Kingsland, AR on down the road.
where we thought coach Bryant had been born.
Nothing there about Paul Bryant, even asked a local.
We did find a sign there that claimed Johnny Cash.

 Mississippi River

 Visitor Center
Folks were VERY friendly.
 in Cotton Country!
 Sardis Lake. Crossing the dam.

 In Oxford and of course we must visit an SEC campus and their football stadium.

 While in Oxford we had "Lupper" at a place on the square called Ajax.

We chose to go on to Tupelo, MS for a better hotel.
We can see the trees here are beginning to turn.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.