Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 29~ Clear Lake Oaks, CA, Napa Valley, Auburn, CA & Roseville, CA

 Greeted with sunshine this morning right in our face.
 Had a very restful night at Lake Point Lodge in Clear Lake Oak.
  Immediately started seeing vineyards in the very drought stricken California.
We wanted to visit Hidden Valley Lake but didn't seem welcomed.

 Napa Valley State Park, charged an admission which we used our pass to get through.
I'm glad we didn't have to pay.
It's only a campground and did have 3 yurts.
The visitor center was closed???
Nothing else to see or do.
Why the admission fee?
 Napa Valley was beautiful.

 Had a root beer craving.
Guy at window recognized Mr. G's UK emblem.
He told us he went to Lexington 4 times a year, because
he was on the A&W board and went to meetings at the Headquarters located in Lexington.
Mark that as something both of us learned today.
 I can name a couple of my friends that would call this place a great vacation.
Wineries are located next door to each other, all offering free tasting.

 Mr. G's Sacramento cousin drove us through Auburn and other little towns.
This is a gold rush area full of history.

 Auburn was the first Capital of California.
These shots by Mr. G

I need to update the information on this bridge.
It's the tallest bridge........
 After checking out this amazing bridge,
we circled back to Auburn where Mr. G's cousin treated us to supper 
in one of the restaurants and the restored downtown.
 Continued our drive through Folsom.
Yes that's where Folsom prison is located.
You know the song.

One of the dams that help provide water for the Sacramento area.
Thank you so much Kelly for showing us around your hometown.
We hope to check out downtown tomorrow.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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