Monday, October 3, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 28~ Fortuna, CA, Humbolt Redwoods State Park to Clearlake Oaks, CA

 It was cold and rainy when we got up this morning.

 Instead of clearing up the further south we went, the harder it rained.
You are welcome California, I know you have needed rain forever.
The rain has followed us everywhere.
We've been able to outrun it everywhere.
Even left a major flood in Cedar Rapids.
Sorry about that.

 But we pursued in the mist of rain and mid 50s temp.

 Sometimes we thought it was a glimmer of sun,
but just beautiful leaves.
 Met a couple of bikers at breakfast that had biked from Vancouver headed to LA.
Said it was taking them 2 weeks.
Would be boxing up their bikes and flying back.

 The Redwood were shedding.
Sometimes felt like snowing needles.
Our breakfast stop.
Eternal Tree Cafe
Scotia, CA
After breakfast we took a walk out back to check out The Eternal Tree.
It was advertised to have 20 rooms?
 It was a free look.

 Mr. G got out of the car for only a minute,
and these pine needles floated down on the car.

 The rain paused for a few minutes while we checked out the Interpretive Center.

 A picture of a display at the interpretive center.

Myers Flat, CA

 Going through a split tree?

 I was trying to get a picture of the sign.
Didn't realize these guys were there.
Lots of hikers and homeless people throughout the parks waiting for a ride.

 The things we do for 5 bucks.

 Isn't this the image we always think about when we think "Redwood?"

 The tree Mr. G just drove through.
 Asked if we could take a picture just for perspective.
 101 Drive-In, Willits, CA

 I was so happy to get to the room tonight.
They had it all nice and warm for us.
My feet had been cold all day.
 Had to give a chuckle. They are remodeling a bit here.
I paused for a moment and couldn't decide which combination I liked best.
I'm wondering if they have.
 During half time of Monday night football,
we went next door and grabbed supper.
Sorry California, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow,
and they are still predicting an earthquake for southern California.
I see they had a 3.6 south of San Jose today.


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  1. What a marvelous trip - and marvelous photos to remember it by!
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