Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 38~Tucson, AZ- Tombstone to Deming, NM

We had a very quiet room.
In fact I loved it!
Thank-you Best Western Royal Sun Inn & Suites
Believe it or not, that pool was empty last night.
Three garden hose were filling it up.
 As you can see, the landscape was beautiful.
We were served a "cooked to order" breakfast and headed out to take a look at some of Tucson.
 Mr. G always enjoys checking out the sports facilities of any university.

Before we got out of Tucson we saw a ton of these planes.
Could be a graveyard?
On the other side of the divided highway Mr. G said the field was full as far as you could see.
 As we were leaving Tucson, I checked my FB and a friend suggested we visit Tombstone.
It was 28 minutes off of the Interstate, so we took the detour at Benson, AZ.

 A bit greener through this valley.
Have they had some rain?

 This tub was designed to save water.
It would be a hoot to see me climb out of this thing.

 He's probably like me with sewing.  I have to be in the mood to make something.
 We had lunch at Brenda's Chuckwagon.  A very small place.

 Only 3 buildings in Apache.

 Here we did jump forward an hour.
Don't understand why Arizona was an hour ahead of the Mountain Daylight Savings time.
How google says Arizona is on MST would should be an hour behind MDT?
If you know why, please leave a comment explaining.

 There were no trees at the New Mexico rest area, so they made shade.

 I like to call this a "Reverse Sunset."
This is looking east with the sunset behind us.

 The signs turned golden from the reflection of the sun.
 It was easy gaining an hour going west.
Something tells me that losing an hour is going to be tough.
We have to get up earlier and get going.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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