Monday, October 10, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 35~ Victorville, CA- Train to LA

Found this brochure among those at our hotel.
We wanted to visit LA, but I certainly didn't want to try to drive in LA.
We decided to try this.
We rode trains all day.
Got on at San Bernardino to Union Station downtown LA.
Next we transferred to a train going to Oceanside as directed by a Metrolink helper.
After studying the schedule closer, I realized no train would leave for San Bernardino after we would arrive.
So we jumped off at Irvine and caught the SB train there.
The conductor's scanner didn't like that we had done that.
He asked if we had missed a train.
I tried to explain, but he moved on.
Our excursion started with leaving the hotel around 9:30.
Got to the SB train station about 10:30 and got on train at 11:13.
We got back after 6pm.

Please enjoy the shots taken from our windows, including the sun glares.
 Parking was free.
I was surprised.
Someone was sweeping up the lot when we arrived.
We were able to ride in the top and had a great view.
The only time it got crowded was around 4:30.

 Helicopter was taking off.
 Finally, beautiful flowers instead of graffiti.

We returned to our hotel in Victorville, CA for a second night.
We or I was so tired we picked up food to take to the room.
Arrived around 9.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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