Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 44~ San Antonio, TX -LBJ Ranch to Round Rock, TX

 Japanese Gardens of San Antonio, TX
 A rock quarry once upon a time.
The view above is what you first see.
It is breathtaking.

Mr. G enjoyed the koi.
They were large & seemed very happy.
Again, it was so hot and humid, we only spent about 20 minutes walking around.
And, I didn't have my camera. Bummer.
 We drove northward just west of Johnson City, Tx

 While LBJ was buried here, he was born just across the road.

 Birthday place of LBJ.

 Several deer occupied a cool spot by the road near a caregiver
LBJ wanted his farm to be a park someday.
He designed the roads to take your through the ranch first.
Reminds me of my Poppaw Nunnually taking us to see his cattle.
He raised polled Hereford.
The picture below definitely reminds me of one of his fields in Kentucky.

LBJ did a lot of his work on his ranch, so it was set up with an office in the end of the house.
The security was set up in the little white house above. 
He had something like 13 operators set up in a trailor compound to man all of his phones.
Said he spent almost all his day on the phone.

Supposed to be 8600 square feet in the house.
It was a rather simple 1960s house, that also reminded me of my grand parents' last house.

His office with 4 desks was located in the stone part of the house.
We tried to weave our way through back roads to Round Stone, TX,
but there is no such things as all the area around Austin is heavily populated.
We couldn't afford the 500 to 1500$ a night rooms in most of Austin.
In the process of getting to Round Stone, we came across Oasis, TX
which doesn't not look like TX at all.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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