Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 26~ Crescent City, CA

 We checked in last night for a 2 night stay,
because it's Football Saturday!
Our hotel is located across the street from the marina on the busy bay.
A fog horn (and there has been no fog) sounds every 10 seconds.
 Even the fan on the hotel unit doesn't drown out the fog horn sound.
My little fan came to the rescue to cover up the sound enough it doesn't bother me like dripping water.
This morning we did go eat breakfast 2 buildings down,
but Mr. G was anxious because football starts here at 9 a.m.
 We never went back out today.
I actually took a short nap during the UK football game.
 Sunset from the hotel window was beautiful.
I thought we'd go eat down the street after the UK game was over around 7:30 here,
but the Louisville game was on.
Actually, I never mentioned going out,
I was happy to eat a slice of leftover pizza and stay in.
Don't know when they last had rain here, because it looks very dry.
Weather forecast is for rain to settle in around midnight and rain steady till about noon tomorrow.
Seems like we are leaving rain everywhere we go.
Sorry about that Iowa.  Too much.
We have been blessed with beautiful weather.
Thank-you God for blessing us with this trip.
Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 3.

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