Monday, October 17, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 42~ Ft. Stockton, TX to Del Rio, TX

Started our day with a good breakfast in Fort Stockton.
Then we took a self guided tour of Historic Fort Stockton.

Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

 Looks just like my Mother's china cabinet.

 I rode in a buggy like this one. It was burgundy.
 Branding irons all around the porch.
 This was a hotel during the Annie days,
So rooms were accessed from the porch. 

 The walls were so thick I, yes me, could stand between the door and screen door.
It helped the house stay cool, along with the breeze that crossed the top of the hill where the home sat.
 Of course the covered porch around 3 sides of the building helped keep it cool.
The saloon was across the street.

 Hovey School- 1916.

 Three of the barricks are left standing.
They are used as private residences today!

 A busy downtown Fort Stockton

 Stopped in Langtry and found a museum of Judge Roy Bean.

Mr. G did some more research tonight and found out Mr. Bean was actually 
born in Mason County Kentucky.
 A garden of native plants were included in the free admission 
@ this tourist information center.
It was a wonderful place to stop for a break.

Pecos River just before we arrived in Del Rio.
Amistad Reservoir (Devil River and Rio Grande)

We had supper at Sirloin Stockade, and got to the room in time for Monday night football.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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