Monday, October 24, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 49~ Temple, TX to Jacksonville, TX

 Sadly, we left family in Temple, Texas this morning.
Our first stop was to check out a Buc-ee's as recommended by a friend.
 It is not a truck stop and even says trucks are not allowed. (Their spot is on the other side of the Interstate.)
The store holds about 10 Cracker Barrels' worth of shopping inside.
There was an assortment of food. 
 We thought we'd try a hot dog, but you had to use a kiosk to order one.
Unfortunately, we didn't need gas or we could have pulled in beside one of these 50? pumps
and bought gas for $1.88.  Instead, we moved on with our almost full tank and had to buy later for $2.03.
Yep, this gas station is Texas size for sure.
 Further north in Waco, we stopped at Magnolia Market.
What a crowd!  I had no idea it would be so crowded.
Neighboring businesses where charging 10 bucks for parking.  
We managed to find a parking spot on the street about 2 blocks away.

 The entire place was so crowded.  There were so many people you couldn't see the items for sale.
Lines were major long at all check-outs.
The bakery had a line down the block.
Finally discovered, items under the outdoor cover were 40% off.

 I was impressed how family oriented the place felt.
A sign encouraged play and that's what folks of all ages did (probably while a family member was waiting in line to buy something.)
 One of my favorite play items when I taught kindergarten.
 I later found out this town had a major tornado hit in 1953 which ripped apart major buildings in downtown about a block away.
These silos stood through that tornado. 
I bet a physics student could explain how a round construction stood through a tornado?
 As we left Magnolia Market, we accidentally came upon the Dr. Pepper Museum.
It was 10-2-4 Monday and if one of us could come up with a Dr. Pepper lyric,
we got in free!
Mr. G, who used to work with the company, said, "I'm a Pepper, Your a Pepper....
she said your in!

 How could we leave Waco without checking out the new Baylor Football Stadium!

 Traveled 84 east.

I'm really missing the crisp pictures the Nikon took going down the road.
Today's shots are brought to you by my Galaxy 4.
We had to check out Jacksonville, Texas also for namesake.
Mr. G spent his teenage life in Jacksonville, FL.
 This shot by Mr. G
A good ole greasy burger and fries from Legends.
Sometimes you just gotta give in.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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