Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 37~ Blythe, CA to Tucson, AZ

We've been running around California since September 30,
except for the momentary rides in Nevada.
It's time to say good-by to California and Hi to Arizona!

 Drove 5 miles down the road over the Arizona state line and found gas 60 cents cheaper.
 Funny how vegetation and/or terrain can change at a state line.

I have told Mr. G that the southern ride will be the most boring.
 Entertained ourselves with a game of "What is it?" or "What does it do?"

 Phoenix, AZ is a beautiful town.
Beautiful flowers.
Unlike Los Angeles, I don't recall seeing any graffiti.

 Throughout the city were different green crops.
I imagine this helps slow down dust action, and helps with air quality?
 There was even a potato field across the road from the University of Phoenix stadium.

 Here is the football field outside the stadium being manicured and watered and catching some sunshine.
Then for game time they roll it into the stadium.
I know there is a You Tube about this, but that may be the Dallas field.
 Across the road is the Gila River Arena,
and behind it is a shopping center full of chain stores and restaurants like we've seen in beach towns. 
Didn't see a lot of parking though?

 3:00 traffic wasn't good.
 The street walls throughout town are artistically designed and none had graffiti.

 On down the road to Tucson. 
It looked cloudy over in the east, 
but I know that can be deceiving.
 So Tucson is also well "decorated."
Is this a state law?
Didn't get to see much of this town today,as we went on to our room.
        We were first assigned a room upstairs because she didn't catch my request for not being able to carry luggage upstairs. She told me they had drained the pool and cleaned it. No problem for us, but the room she assigned us was where the water hose used to fill the pool was connected. Water sound was crazy. About 15 minutes later, we got a call asking if the room was ok. Ended up getting an upgrade from our 2 queen beds.

 The outside of the place is beautiful with flowers.
If you are ever in Tucson, check out..tell later.
I get to close the door while I'm blogging,
so I can block out Mr. G's TV.
Soon I'm hopping into bed to watch my own TV that 
is NOT the size of a computer monitor like at Mammoth Lakes.
This would have made a great stay for a football weekend!
Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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