Sunday, October 9, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 34~ Mammoth Lakes, CA to Victorville, CA

 Today from Mammoth Lakes, CA we headed south.
There was no church in Mammoth Lakes, so we drove 45 minutes.

 A large greener area was called Paradise.

Google Maps directed us to a Church of Christ in Bishop, CA.
We were led to the Superintendent of Schools building.
So we drove on down HWY 395 between the Rockie Mountain peaks.

  Lone Pine had a festival going on.
People were setting up lawn chairs on the street apparently for a parade.
I felt like I needed to do the "Queen" wave as we drove through.

 Owens Lake almost totally dry.
A Crystal Geyser Plant was located here.
Wondering if they are still producing.
 Once you see the lake on a California map, you'll see how big this source of water that is now almost dried.
 Death Valley was not on our Bucket List.

Mr. G loved these signs.
You can see the second sign in the background.

The BMW dealer in town apparently has a vehicle for sale.
Red Mountain, CA
 Solar Farm

 We ended up the day in the town after Adelanto called Victorville, CA
After an early supper at B J Restaurant
A hotel cart wasn't available,
This Walmart cart was just outside the door, so Mr. G grabbed it.
Felt like the bag lady.
Yes, it was taken back out front so that maybe someone could return it to the Walmart next door.
I love the layout of this room.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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