Friday, October 7, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 32~ Jamestown, CA, Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes, CA

Headed south from Jamestown, CA after we stopped at Dollar General.

Even Dollar General had that old Jamestown Out West look.
I was so tempted to mention that I grew up next to Scottsville, KY where Dollar General started.
I think it's awesome they are spread all over the country out in the middle of nowhere.

 Look how low this lake has become.

 Started out on a road that was a lot worse than yesterday.
At least yesterday's road didn't allow large RVs and trucks.
This one did!
So traveled another.
Met one long bed after we had gone around some drop off curves.
God was watching over us?
Much more white knuckle today.
 Street cleaner. I guess keeping those pesky rocks off the road which could be very dangerous.
Still, I wouldn't want to pop around a curve on this guy.

 Lunch at Happy Burger
 Album covers on the ceiling
3 boxes of raisins on each table.
Glad we stopped at a visitor center to see if it was worth a trip to Yosemite Valley
with our reservations over in Mammoth Lakes.
Found out the large water fall that everyone goes to see in the valley was DRY!
So we nixed that and headed over the mountain through Yosemite.
 As we took off east from Mariposa we were greeted with these scenes.
So sad.
The pine trees are being killed by a bark beetle that thrives during a drought.
Here is an article from the San Fransisco Chronicle .

 You can see the old road on the other side of the river.
For the most part it looks like a horse trail now.
 The old road came in handy because they had to build 2 bridges over to it and use it.

 OK, engineers, how do you clear out this rock slide?
 Something is wrong.
I didn't get out of the car for our selfie and Greg didn't even remind me.
I think I was still stricken with the drought and beetles.
Half of the beauty I expected was gone.
 This much water left in the RIVER!
Took this picture next to a sign that talked about the frequent floods and how they washed our the roads.

 Ferns dying because they get too much sun with the trees not providing shade.

 Then there were a few spots that had dealt with fire.
 Didn't see one animal like we did in Yellowstone.
Up in this part the temperature was 59 while earlier in Mariposa it was 82F.

The eastern side seemed to be doing better.
It was greener.
Nature piled rocks.

I've always seen these pictures and didn't think they were real.

One of those pictures where I see something in the rocks again.

Elevation about 8000 ft at this point.
Kind of reminded me of Cades Cove.

 We finally got to Mammoth Lakes, CA where I had reserved a condo for 2 nights
so Mr. G could watch his football tonight and tomorrow.
Brought in pizza with us and hopefully found all the food in the car and brought it in.
We were warned not to leave food in the car because we are in bear country.
 We only needed one?
 No recliner but this should do.
No we aren't arguing over who sleeps where.
I have the bedroom where I can shut the door.
Mr. G will take the couch bed, so he can start at 9 in the morning on his football.
It's been another long day.

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