Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 31~ South Lake Tahoe, CA to Jamestown, CA

 Our room was actually at Stateline just on the California line.
We headed east back into Nevada across the mountain to find highway 395.
It was a very curvy road, but the view of the valley on the other side at Gardnerville, NV.

Rugged = Relaxed
 Topaz Lake

 Since we crossed the California line again,
we had to go through a border gate again.
The guy noticing our Kentucky stickers wanted to know where our coon skin caps were.
I should have asked why they were so partial to fruit coming into their state?
I really want to know.
I know we have agriculture laws concerning plants from other countries.

 We could have used this sign as a warning, but
Mr. G saw the word "Marine" and wanted to check it out.
It was a mountain training camp.
 I have to note it was at this point a bee entered the car
and Mr. G almost drove off the road.
We pulled over and dismissed the bee.
Immediately after that we started the mountain roads
and I never lowered the window till we got to the other side of the mountain.

 Our Marines hard at work.
Thank-you all so much.
 Turned out this highway 108 through the Stanislaus Forest, which I had never heard,
was a great adventure with a LOT of curves.

 Note we had climbed to 9624 ft.
 As we started descending the mountain the road was super steep.
Despite using the second gear, we could tell the brakes were beginning to grab.
So we stopped to let them cool off a bit.
While there, we read about how this family had to pick up their wagon and carry it,
wait for a lake to drain and pile rocks so they could go over ravines.
There we were just waiting a few minutes for the brakes to cool.

 The little things that make you happy & thankful.
 A 1930 bridge still standing beside the present day bridge.

 We were a little over half way across this mountain, and a 
street cleaner pulled out?
 Strange but as we stopped to let me make reservations online,
I entered request into the GPS for directions
and it gave me walking directions for next door!
This time we decided to go ahead and check in and get a bottom floor room.
At the recommendation of the clerk, we drove about a mile down to old Jamestown.
What a wonderful experience to finish the day.
 We ate at The Willow Steakhouse.
On the board out front.
Have you ever had Fried Tubes & Tenticles?  (Calamari maybe?)

 We loved this little town.
The largest town we've seen.
It seemed to have some gold mining history.
So interesting, I just had to attempt the walk.
 Turns out this little town has been the setting for a ton of shows and movies.
 I remember a lot of them. How about you?
 As I walked the street, in some cases I could think of some of these spots,
 and what show they might have been in.

 For real.

 Still using planks for sidewalks.

We checked out the quilt shop and I forgot to take a picture.
The owner was a cancer survivor.
Most of the fabrics were actually her stash and she
decided to open a store.
She says ladies come for San Fransisco and rent a cabin for a quilting retreat 
and will come by her shop to get some supplies.
I hope she does well and enjoys her new career.
After our walk, we drove up the hill to Railtown.
It had closed an hour earlier, but we got a few shots.
Then, headed back to the room for Thursday night football.
It was a great unplanned, "Let's Turn Here" day!

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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  1. Lovely tour. It's a few hours from me. It's always fun to check out new areas.


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