Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday 167~ The Memory Paths Quilt Bag


If there is enough fabric leftover from the garments 
used for the memory quilt,
a bag is made to present the quilt.
This was the bag made for The Memory Paths Quilt.

The reverse side.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday Memory 118 ~ Presenting My Quilt Gallery Page

I was wondering how many quilts I've made since 2011.
So I put together a gallery.
When I retired, I had been helping my church group
tie quilts for the World Orphans Organization.
So my goal was to make quilts in my retirement for that group.
I had several folks to donate fabrics to help me with that goal.
The direction for the quilts got side track and started going to the Linus group,
then that group changed to a local organization.

Then I spent a lot of time helping take care of my parents 
in their last days and didn't have time to make quilts.
After they passed, I started making memory quilts 
with their garments for my family and their caregivers.
 I started offering to make Memory quilts in leu of flowers for loved ones.
There have been a few graduation, wedding and baby shower gift as well.

Due to physical health, I had to stall for a couple of years.
This year, I've been back on track.
Yes, I have about 3 WIPs
and behind about 5 promised Memory Quilts,
not to mention several more of Mother/Dad's quilts.
I've only given 1 because I want everyone together to draw for their quilt.
How in the world would I decided which one to give to anyone?

So take a visit to my gallery page,
You can find it under the Heading of this blog,
or click HERE.
enJOY the memories with me!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Quilt Shot 125~ Memory Paths

Memory Paths
A memory quilt made in memory of my neighbor's Mother.
This quilt will travel to California to be presented to her Father.

Deconstructed garments

 Why a quilter has several rulers?
Enough left for backing.
Like putting a puzzle together.
I LOVE the challenge.
Do we call it "Monster Crumb" quilting?

 The step usually forgotten before layering. 
Not this time.
Expanded table top to layer the quilt.
 Pinning leader cloth.
 Been 3 years since I used the Dream Frame due to physical health.
Getting back on like riding a bike.
 Machine cooperated and only broke thread once,
and no skipped stitches. Still some tension problems on back.
This one garment was rather thin fabric,
so saved for the binding.
Besides, I love binding in black.
Really makes other colors pop, I think.
By the time the thin fabric was folded 4 times,
it laid perfectly.
 Added back some of the tags.
 This button hole band covered a hole I didn't catch earlier.
Worn & stained spots are just part of a memory quilt.
 Also warped fabric from worn stretching has to be considered.
There were 3 linen garments in this quilt.
I didn't use starch, just a dry iron and gentle hands.
 I try to hide my signature.

The back of the quilt.
I over estimated the strip unit.
Can't believe it turned out perfect to run twice down the center.
Only needed to cut off end to straighten edge.
So I guess I estimated correctly after all?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Quilt Block Shot 124 ~ USPS in All 4 Corners of the World

"USPS to All 4 Corners of the World"
Designed by Joy B

 This block was designed in honor of my mail carrier daughter.
During this world wide pandemic,
she wasn't able to slow down.
I found out no one provided her with masks,
so I made some and "mailed" them to her.
 This block is made from the scraps leftover from making some of her masks.

 I'm sure there is hardly anyone who hasn't used the mail service during this time
to get something they couldn't go get at a store.
 As a result of many more people using the mailing service
 it became worse than the Christmas season.
Combine that increase with the number of carriers that either became ill or were vunerable,
she ended up working 6 days a week with long hours for months!
I'm so proud of her battling through this time,
while she also made sure her child received his online education.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Clipping Papers Together the Sewing Room Way

   I'm still very old school when it comes to reading, especially reading directions. I also feel like it's quicker for me to reference something if I can grab a notebook or file folder than to go through a big file folder of just names on my computer or phone. So I print things I think I will truly retrieve to make later. 
   Recently I had downloaded a paper piecing pattern from Moda I wanted to use in my Mask Quilt.  As you can see, sometimes I need to make notes (while I also run a journal of project notes). These will go into a folder for now labeled Mask Quilts as I used several different block patterns for this quilt.  Realizing even in a folder pages can get mixed up, I needed a quick way to make sure the papers stay together and I didn't want to "bulk up" the folder with paper clips that can slip off.


Tuesday Tip

  So my solution? 
Run the layers under the machine needle for 4 or 5 stitches that will be easy to take out by cutting the stitches when I need to separate the papers.  

  This group of papers does include the pattern that was used for the
 so I will need to take the paper pile apart to use the pattern.