Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Clipping Papers Together the Sewing Room Way

   I'm still very old school when it comes to reading, especially reading directions. I also feel like it's quicker for me to reference something if I can grab a notebook or file folder than to go through a big file folder of just names on my computer or phone. So I print things I think I will truly retrieve to make later. 
   Recently I had downloaded a paper piecing pattern from Moda I wanted to use in my Mask Quilt.  As you can see, sometimes I need to make notes (while I also run a journal of project notes). These will go into a folder for now labeled Mask Quilts as I used several different block patterns for this quilt.  Realizing even in a folder pages can get mixed up, I needed a quick way to make sure the papers stay together and I didn't want to "bulk up" the folder with paper clips that can slip off.


Tuesday Tip

  So my solution? 
Run the layers under the machine needle for 4 or 5 stitches that will be easy to take out by cutting the stitches when I need to separate the papers.  

  This group of papers does include the pattern that was used for the
 so I will need to take the paper pile apart to use the pattern.

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  1. That's a brilliant idea! I usually use a stapler but then it's a pain to try to remove the staples when necessary.


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