Saturday, September 19, 2020

Quilt Shot 125~ Memory Paths

Memory Paths
A memory quilt made in memory of my neighbor's Mother.
This quilt will travel to California to be presented to her Father.

Deconstructed garments

 Why a quilter has several rulers?
Enough left for backing.
Like putting a puzzle together.
I LOVE the challenge.
Do we call it "Monster Crumb" quilting?

 The step usually forgotten before layering. 
Not this time.
Expanded table top to layer the quilt.
 Pinning leader cloth.
 Been 3 years since I used the Dream Frame due to physical health.
Getting back on like riding a bike.
 Machine cooperated and only broke thread once,
and no skipped stitches. Still some tension problems on back.
This one garment was rather thin fabric,
so saved for the binding.
Besides, I love binding in black.
Really makes other colors pop, I think.
By the time the thin fabric was folded 4 times,
it laid perfectly.
 Added back some of the tags.
 This button hole band covered a hole I didn't catch earlier.
Worn & stained spots are just part of a memory quilt.
 Also warped fabric from worn stretching has to be considered.
There were 3 linen garments in this quilt.
I didn't use starch, just a dry iron and gentle hands.
 I try to hide my signature.

The back of the quilt.
I over estimated the strip unit.
Can't believe it turned out perfect to run twice down the center.
Only needed to cut off end to straighten edge.
So I guess I estimated correctly after all?


  1. Well done! This is going to be a welcome treasure to her family.

  2. I just clicked over from your Mask Quilt post. What an interesting design for a Memory Quilt. LOVE how you thought to add back in some of the clothing labels!


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