Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sun Best ~ Bible Journal Snap Shot ~ 1

When I was teaching, 
it always bothered me when I found my students
doodling while listening to me.
However, if they could answer a pop question from me
I didn't worry about the doodling.
So why did it take me all the way to retirement in my life 
before I discovered 
that doodling can HELP you concentrate on a speaker?

that's what my journal helps me do at church,
concentrate on what the preacher or teacher is saying.
My journal includes the numerous Bible verses
that are referenced 
throughout a sermon or lesson.
During the time that is expounded on the verses,
I doodle.
This is the beginning of a series of snap shots of 
some of those doodles.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #77 ~ Shoo Fly

Shoo Fly
6½ inches
Can be a 12½ inch
Last week I posted the Two Color  9 Patch
and said it was 1 of 2 quilt icons for me.
This is #2.

Shoo Fly was THE first completed quilt I ever made.

While making my Aunt's memory quilt
I added a row of these.

First you might want to take look at the house dress I used.
Used the blue from the bottom,
and pink from the bodice which included facings.

 Just like I did the 9 Patch

I didn't worry a lot about these wonky pieces going together accurately.
When cutting from clothing, it's not always easy to cut exactly on the grain,
which means their will be some unwanted stretching of fabric no matter how hard you try.
It's a memory quilt where I hope the receiver will notice the fabric & memories more, 
I hope.
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ BFF Sewing

A fun time for me, which I rarely EVER do, is sew with a friend.
My friend needed a dress to wear for July 4,
I happened to have some red knit fabric.
My friend went through about a 100 of my old patterns in our size, 
which some would now call vintage,
and found this pattern which I had never used.
No idea how the water stain on the pattern envelope came about,
but the pattern was just fine.
After we cut it out,
I decided I'd like to make one from this pattern as well.
I haven't made a dress for me in years!
It's a loose princess line dress,
with large pockets between the seams.
I can see adding some color blocking down the princess line.
We got the dress cut out.
Then, life happened.
I became ill with a month long virus that took my strength with it.
SEW, we need to schedule another fun day to finish this dress! 
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #57 ~ Mexican Bar-B-Que?

@ a local Mexican Restaurant

Thought I'd try it, & I loved it!
Thought it would be like a fajita mix.
It was like a fajita mix with a lot of cheese sauce added,
including shredded beef, chicken & shrimp
topped off with a wonderful surprise of a 
sweet bar-b-que sauce in just the right amount.
Thinking this is a true melting pot.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #183 ~ A Tomato Close-up

          This is 1 of only 2 tomatoes that my 6 tomato plants produced!  When I went to the Toyota Recycling event this past spring, someone GAVE me 6 tomato plants.  I brought them home and stuck them in large pots on my deck and watered them often.  Only one plant took off growing and produced blooms.  Only 2 of those blooms made a tomato while the rest of the blooms dried up.  I'm guessing they didn't get pollinated?  One of the tomatoes started ripening last week.  I brought it in before the insects and birds beat me to lunch.  It sat a couple of days in the kitchen until I noticed a spot on the bottom.  I decided this was a pink tomato and it was time to enjoy it's wonderful garden raised flavor.

It was delicious!
Pictures shot with Galaxy 4 phone

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cleaning Teflon Ironing Sheets

    About 3 weeks ago, I showed you how I clean my iron when that iron-on interfacing gunk gets on my iron.  I have  a monster size roll of light weight iron on interfacing, so I use it a lot especially for applique in place of webbing.  It works great for applique, but doesn't work great on this Teflon sheet.
     I'm posting today's tutorial, because after researching online, I found no tip for cleaning teflon sheets. Yes, stuff does stick to it.  Apparently no one else has this problem, because I found no answer?  Like cleaning the iron, this is another cheap tip.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

I keep a lot of micro clothes laying around my sewing room
for multiple reasons.
One day I got out my Teflon sheet to iron on some interfacing.
I had bought the sheet to protect my ironing surface which it does.
Turns out, it catches the residue which then ends up on my iron.
I looked everywhere for tips to no avail.
I experimented with many things.
I tried rubbing alcohol & finger nail polish remover,
and scrapped with a knife.
I even tried a piece of aluminum foil I used on the iron.
Turns out, a dry microfiber cloth works!
You can see the white residue spot.

Now I probably won't have to clean my iron so often.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Memory Monday 18 ~ Sheet Backing

I know there is a big running debate over whether to use sheets for quilt backings.
I acquired many of my parent's sheets, both flat and fitted, 
especially those that didn't sell at the yard sale.
I've also collected some from the yard sales we've ventured.
Some were still in packs that had never been opened.
 $2 is a great bargain for this much fabric,
especially when they are the high quality fabrics
which feel great against the skin.

Problem with fitted sheets,
they are hard to fold: therefore,
they have a ton more wrinkles which must be ironed out,
even when I'm fortunate to use a dream frame
which is a tremendous help for pulling out wrinkles.
Again if it's good enough for my ancestors, then I'm using sheeting
as I did on my last finished quilt.

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