Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Non Chemical Way to Clean Your Iron

    For years since I've been writing this blog, I have intended to share a great tip for cleaning your iron.  I found the tip in a magazine probably back in the 80's.  I've yet to see it appear anywhere on the internet.  Of course after this post, I'll probably see it everywhere.  
     Before this tip, I had used baking soda and other cleaners meant to be used for this purpose, only to have problems with getting the cleaner in the steam holes.
      This method works like magic. It will get off that burnt on residue from fabrics and in my case the sticky stuff from iron on interfacing.  No matter how hard I try I still get it on my iron.  I even have a Teflon sheet & apparently my iron picks up the glue from the Teflon sheet that remained from the last project.
        I hope you give this method a try.  Most likely, it won't cost you anything, because I don't know anyone that doesn't already have aluminum foil in their kitchen.
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A dirty iron needs
aluminum foil.
 or even save a slightly used, clean piece to be used for this task.
Set your iron on its hottest setting, and grab an oven mitt to protect your hand.
Take the wad of foil and rub or scrub the bottom of the iron.
Be careful not to expose your oven mitt too long so as not to burn it.
In a short time, the burnt residue is gone.
The foil doesn't scratch the surface like steel wool and I find it works faster and better.
My little iron BEFORE
and AFTER.
Give it a try.
Probably won't cost you a penny to try it?
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  1. I actually really needed this! Thanks!

  2. Now that's interesting! I never thought to try that. I usually just run it over a dryer sheet. =) But I have to admit, I don't get it sticky very often.

  3. Interesting! My iron has some gunk from interfacing, too, so I'm going to try this!

  4. My iron is new and sparkling, but I will definitey use your tip when the time to clean it arrives. Thank you!
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Happy Sunday!

  5. Thanks for sharing this on DIY-Crush.

  6. Clever! I've not seen this anywhere before either. Thank you so much for the tip!


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