Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cleaning Teflon Ironing Sheets

    About 3 weeks ago, I showed you how I clean my iron when that iron-on interfacing gunk gets on my iron.  I have  a monster size roll of light weight iron on interfacing, so I use it a lot especially for applique in place of webbing.  It works great for applique, but doesn't work great on this Teflon sheet.
     I'm posting today's tutorial, because after researching online, I found no tip for cleaning teflon sheets. Yes, stuff does stick to it.  Apparently no one else has this problem, because I found no answer?  Like cleaning the iron, this is another cheap tip.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*

I keep a lot of micro clothes laying around my sewing room
for multiple reasons.
One day I got out my Teflon sheet to iron on some interfacing.
I had bought the sheet to protect my ironing surface which it does.
Turns out, it catches the residue which then ends up on my iron.
I looked everywhere for tips to no avail.
I experimented with many things.
I tried rubbing alcohol & finger nail polish remover,
and scrapped with a knife.
I even tried a piece of aluminum foil I used on the iron.
Turns out, a dry microfiber cloth works!
You can see the white residue spot.

Now I probably won't have to clean my iron so often.

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  1. Thank you for this important tip...pinned.

  2. Thanks for sharing on DIY-Crush. This is one of those tips well worth reading.


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