Monday, July 25, 2016

Memory Monday 18 ~ Sheet Backing

I know there is a big running debate over whether to use sheets for quilt backings.
I acquired many of my parent's sheets, both flat and fitted, 
especially those that didn't sell at the yard sale.
I've also collected some from the yard sales we've ventured.
Some were still in packs that had never been opened.
 $2 is a great bargain for this much fabric,
especially when they are the high quality fabrics
which feel great against the skin.

Problem with fitted sheets,
they are hard to fold: therefore,
they have a ton more wrinkles which must be ironed out,
even when I'm fortunate to use a dream frame
which is a tremendous help for pulling out wrinkles.
Again if it's good enough for my ancestors, then I'm using sheeting
as I did on my last finished quilt.

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  1. I too use sheets o duvet covers as backings, does concern me a bit as they are poly cotton not 100% cotton but my quilts will not be heirlooms so I think it will be okay


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