Friday, July 29, 2016

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ BFF Sewing

A fun time for me, which I rarely EVER do, is sew with a friend.
My friend needed a dress to wear for July 4,
I happened to have some red knit fabric.
My friend went through about a 100 of my old patterns in our size, 
which some would now call vintage,
and found this pattern which I had never used.
No idea how the water stain on the pattern envelope came about,
but the pattern was just fine.
After we cut it out,
I decided I'd like to make one from this pattern as well.
I haven't made a dress for me in years!
It's a loose princess line dress,
with large pockets between the seams.
I can see adding some color blocking down the princess line.
We got the dress cut out.
Then, life happened.
I became ill with a month long virus that took my strength with it.
SEW, we need to schedule another fun day to finish this dress! 
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  1. Joy, looking forward to the red dress story! It's sounding like a very interesting beginning chapter to a wonderful novel! I do like using vintage patterns to make something modern. I've only used children's patterns so far, but you've got me thinking about using some "me" patterns. Will have to shuffle through my stash in the basement soon. *So glad you're feeling better! A summer virus stinks!

  2. Sewing with a friend is awesome!!! Hope you get to sew with your friend soon.


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